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Western Civilizations Unit 7 PP 3

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1 Western Civilizations Unit 7 PP 3
The Babylonian Captivity of the Church The Schism Early Protestants

2 The catalyst War between England and France (1294)
The Kings of both countries Edward I (England) and Phillip IV the fair (Fr) decided to pay for the war by taxing the church Pope Boniface VIII calls this “an assault on the Church” Phillip responded by keeping Church revenue in France Edward denied the clergy protection of law Boniface backed down Victory of State over Church

3 The fight continues in France
Phillip arrested a French Bishop to assert his control over the French Church Called the Pope a heretic Boniface issues 2 Papal Bulls Asculta fili”…God has placed popes above Kings Followed by “Unum Sanctum” Phillip arrests the Pope who is beaten badly and died shortly after his release Phillip pressured Clement V to settle at Avignon in 1309 (lasts until 1377) (The Babylonian Captivity of the Papacy)

4 The Great Schism ( ) Gregory XI returns to Rome in 1378 and dies The people of Rome demand an Italian Pope The Cardinals elect Urban VI (an arrogant tactless reformer) Result: Cardinals elect another “Anti-Pope” Clement VII who returns the Papacy to Avignon and began the Great Schism

5 Resolution The Council of Pisa elects a new Pope Alexander V who rules from Pisa) Problem: Now 3 Popes The Council of Constance ( ) Elect Martin V ( ) who disbanded the council before they could deal with anything else (corruption, heresy)

6 Early Protests John Wycliffe (d.1384)
Leader of the “Lollards” in England Oxford theologian Supremacy of scripture Royal power over Pope Poverty of clergy 1st Engl. Translation of Bible

7 Early protests Jan Huss Many of the same ideas as Wycliffe
Also a bohemian nationalist Burned at the stake to begin the Council of Constance

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