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The Breakdown and Revival of the Medieval Church

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1 The Breakdown and Revival of the Medieval Church

2 Pope Innocent III

3 Accomplishments of someone so Innocent?
Increased papal authority through the plentitude of power. Had the authority to declare saints. Turned the church into a secular authority as well as spiritual one.

4 Pope Urban IV Created own Church court known as the Rota Romana, which made the Church even more political.

5 Boniface VIII “You tax my people, I’ll hit you with a Papal Bull!”

6 Enemies of Boniface VIII
Edward I Philip T. Fair

7 Boniface’s “Unam Sanctum”
Put the Church ahead in all matters religious or otherwise, angering Philip. What did Philip T. Fair do?

8 Unfortunately for Boniface VIII…
Philip’s Henchmen beat him up, later he died from the injuries.

9 Clement V Changed much of what Boniface had done.
Important: He moved the papacy to Avignon, France!

10 Hey, how’s it going?

11 The Avignon Papacy Became a huge moneymaker, increasing taxes of local people and selling indulgences.

12 The Avignon Papal Complex

13 Pope John XXII Most powerful Avignon Pope
Battled with Louis IV over moving the papacy back to Italy.

14 Supporters of Louis IV Marsilius of Padua
Defender of the Peace- depicted the pope as a subordinate member of a society. William of Ockham Argued against papal authority.

15 John Wycliffe *started the Lollards in England.
Accused of Donatism- the teaching that the Church sacraments are only as effective as the people who administer them.

16 John Huss Started the Hussites in Bohemia.

17 The Great Schism 1378 Clement VII (French) Urban VI (Italian)

18 The Great Schism:

19 The Great Schism

20 Let’s elect one more… Alexander V

21 Conciliar Movement The Church should be subject to councils, eliminating the absolute rule of the Pope. Council of Pisa Council of Constance Council of Basil

22 Consequences Secular control of churches increased
Kings asserted power over the Church. Religious life regulated.

23 How was the power of the Church permanently weakened after the late 14th century?

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