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Unit 2 Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation

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1 Unit 2 Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation
Lesson 7 The Catholic Church (IMAD)

2 The Catholic Church (IMAD)
Learning Target Students can define the terms Protestant and Reformation Students can explain the causes of the Protestant Reformation

3 The Catholic Church (IMAD)
God Pope Cardinals Arch-Bishops Bishops Priests and Monks Laity – not in the clergy

4 The Catholic Church (IMAD)
Protestant Reformation: Beginning Protestant = someone who protested against the teachings of the Catholic Church Reformation = when people began to demand a change in the religious system

5 The Catholic Church (IMAD)
A Challenge of Church Political Authority King Philip IV of France tried to tax church officials The pope told the French clergy not to pay the tax The king arrested the pope Boniface VIII, and Italian Six years later, the king helped to elect a French pope, Clement V The new pope moved from Rome to Avignon in France Seventy years passed before a pope lived in Rome again At different times, more than one person claimed to be pope

6 The Catholic Church (IMAD)
A Challenge of Church Religious Authority Those who challenged the church’s religious authority are called reformers One early reformer was John Wycliffe who said the church had too much power He said the Bible not the “church” should be the authority for Christians To allow people to read the Bible, Wycliffe translated the Latin Bible into English Another was John Huss who criticized the church for being to “worldly” Religious leaders feared a rebellion and claimed that Huss was a heretic A heretic teaches a belief that a religious authority thinks is false In 1415, they arrested Huss and burned him at the stake

7 The Catholic Church (IMAD)
I – Indulgences = certificates that take away sin Church was selling forgiveness for $MONEY$ Who will this anger?

8 The Catholic Church (IMAD)
M – Merchants want Usury Usury = lending money and charging interest The Church says usury is wrong Who would this anger?

9 The Catholic Church (IMAD)
A – Absolute Power and Wealth of the Church Why was the Catholic Church so powerful in Europe? Who would this anger?

10 The Catholic Church (IMAD)
D – Domination of the Church by Italians For years the pope was only an Italian Italians were not the only Catholic people Who would this anger?

11 The Catholic Church (IMAD)
Who’s Mad? I = lower class M = middle class A = upper class D = non-Italian church officials

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