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The American Colonies.

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1 The American Colonies

2 Massachusetts The economy in Massachusetts was based on lumber, shops, shipping, and SMALL FARMS. The 2 groups that help to found this colony were the PURITANS and PILGRIMS. The Mayflower Compact described the way that people would GOVERN themselves The Pilgrims invited the Indians to join in their 3-day feast, that today we call THANKSGIVING. What were the religious beliefs? PURITAN

3 Rhode Island This colony was also known as “Rogue’s Island because it provided hiding spots for PIRATES/CRIMINALS. The founders were ROGER WILLIAMS and ANNE HUTCHINSON. Their economy was based on fishing, whaling, lumber, trade and CATTLE and DAIRY farms. This was one of the largest SLAVE TRADE centers in the world. Roger Williams welcomed people with different RELIGIOUS BELIEFS.

4 Connecticut The economy was built on shipbuilding, fishing, whaling, and FARMING. The religion was guided by PURITAN beliefs. The writing constitution for governance was called the FUNDAMENTAL ORDERS of Connecticut. MEN who were members of the Puritan church could vote. Who was the founder of Connecticut? THOMAS HOOKER

5 New York The economy was based on FUR TRAPPING, lumber, shipping, slave trade, and farming. The beliefs in New York allowed for RELGIOUS freedom. After years of protest, the colonist were allowed to elect an ASSEMBLY. Landowners charged TAXES/RENT to farmers working their land. The primary found/leader was JAMES, DUKE OF YORK.

6 How does this picture depict economy in colonial New York?

7 Pennsylvania Penn ADVERTISED his colony all over Europe to attract people. Pennsylvania became the first DEMOCRACY in America. The economy was built on farming MERCHANTS and TRADESMAN lumber, and shipbuilding. The QUAKERAS believed in a simple, peaceful lifestyle. Who was the founder of Pennsylvania? WILLIAM PENN


9 Maryland The settlers in Maryland here were seeking RELIGIOUS freedom.
The economy was based on FARMING, fishing, shipping, and iron mining. The Act Concerning RELIGION guaranteed religious liberty (1649). The religion in Maryland was particularly CATHOLIC. The founder was CECIL CALVERT (Lord Baltimore).

10 Virginia The economy was based on PLANTATIONS and small, independent FARMS. Their religion was based on the Church of ENGLAND. The House of Burgesses passed a law that made slaves, a slave for LIFE. SLAVERY had become a way of life, even though they cost twice as much as indentured servants. Virginia was founded by SIR WALTER RALEIGH

11 Tobacco Cultivation in Colonial Virginia

12 Georgia This colony was established to help keep the SPANISH from moving north. Farmers and settlers wanted to own large PLANTATIONS and slaves. Many of the poor DEBTORS were sent to Georgia to get better opportunities. Georgia was the 13TH and last colony founded. George II and James Edward Oglethorpe founded Georgia.


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