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Basic Kitchen Equipment

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1 Basic Kitchen Equipment
Their Uses and Storage Areas ** Use this presentation to help you complete your equipment pages in your class work packet if you were absent for the lesson.

2 When completing the equipment pages in your packet, write the name of the piece of equipment under its picture. Also write the LETTER of the storage area in which it is found next to its picture.

3 Measuring Spoons Storage Area B
Measuring spoons are used to measure small amounts of all types of ingredients. Their sizes are 1 Tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, ½ teaspoon and ¼ teaspoon

4 Dry Measuring Cups Storage Area B
Dry measuring cups are used to measure dry, moist and solid ingredients. Their sizes are 1 cup ½ cup 1/3 cup ¼ cup Store them “nested” together

5 Liquid Measuring Cups Storage Area B
Liquid measuring cups are used to measure liquid ingredients. There is a one and a two cup size in your kitchen. Use the one cup for amounts of one cup or less Use the two cup size for amounts of one cup or more.

6 Straight Edge Spatula Storage Area C
A straight edge spatula is used for spreading and smoothing mixtures. It is also used to level ingredients in the measuring spoons and cups when measuring.

7 Rubber Spatula Storage Area C
A rubber spatula is used to scrape down the sides of a bowl when mixing. It is also used to fold ingredients together. It can be used to scrape any dish or piece of equipment of food or food particles.

8 Mixing Bowls Storage Area B
Mixing bowls are used for mixing ingredients and mixtures together. They come in sets of 3 or 4. Store them “nested” together.

9 Pastry Blender Storage Area E
Pastry blenders are used to mix solid fat into a flour mixture to form a dough. Dough mixed with a pastry blender has a flakey texture. Use it to make biscuits, pie crusts and pastries.

10 Grater Storage Area D (top shelf)
Graters are a cutting tool. They are used to grate, shred and slice ingredients. Wash them carefully as you would a knife.

11 Rotary Beater Not found in our kitchens*
Rotary beaters are used to beat eggs, whip cream, whip egg whites and mix cakes. They can be used for anything you would use an electric mixer for except you save the energy!!!

12 Wire Whisks Storage Area C
Whisks are used to blend, whip, and beat ingredients.

13 Tongs Storage Area C Tongs are used to turn and lift foods when cooking. Their advantage is that they do not pierce the food like a fork, thus not releasing juices which makes the food dry.

14 Cooking Spatulas Storage Area C
Cooking spatulas can be made of metal or plastic. They come in many shapes and sizes but always have a long handle which allows you to cook comfortably at the stove or grill.

15 Slotted Spoons Storage Area C
Slotted spoons are used to spoon or lift foods from a liquid.

16 Pastry Brush Stored in Extra Storage Area
Pastry brushes are used to brush the tops of baked goods and can also be used to brush on sauces and marinades. It is wise to have one for pastries and another for marinades and sauces.

17 Vegetable Brush Storage Area C
Vegetable brushes are used to clean fruits and vegetables on the outside.

18 Cutting Boards Storage Area D (top shelf)
Cutting boards should always be used when cutting to protect table and counter tops. Always clean the board between foods or use another.

19 Oven Mitts Storage Area D (on cabinet door)
Oven mitts are used to protect your hands when lifting hot pots and pans from the stove top or ovens. Never used oven mitts or potholders that are wet or damp. You will get a steam burn!

20 Colander Storage Area D (bottom shelf front)
Colanders are used to drain foods when washed or to drain off cooking liquid such as with spaghetti or noodles.

21 Pie Pan Stored in Extra Storage Area
Pie pans are for baking pies.

22 Muffin Tin Storage Area F (bottom shelf)
Muffin pans are for baking muffins, small cakes and dinner rolls.

23 Baking Sheet Storage Area F (bottom shelf)
Baking sheets are used to bake cookies and other baked goods.

24 Funnels Stored in Extra Storage Area
Funnels are used to pour foods from one container into another which has a smaller neck opening.

25 Saucepans Storage Area D (top shelf)
Saucepans are used to cook foods on the stove top. ** Pots are also used to cook foods at the stove top but they are larger and must have two handles to be carried with both hands.

26 Knives are used to cut foods. (Stored in Extra Storage Area)
Peelers are used to remove the outside covering of fruits and vegetables. (Stored in Storage Area E)

27 Electric mixers are used to stir, blend, beat and whip mixtures
Electric mixers are used to stir, blend, beat and whip mixtures. (Storage Area B) Rolling pins are used to roll dough and can also be used to crush ingredients. (Storage Area C)

28 Wooden spoons are used to mix dough and flour mixtures
Wooden spoons are used to mix dough and flour mixtures. (Storage Area C) Ladles are used to serve liquids such as soup, stews, gravy and punch. (Storage Area C)

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