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Kitchen Equipment and Utensils Final Exam Study Guide

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1 Kitchen Equipment and Utensils Final Exam Study Guide

2 Kitchen Equipment

3 Dry Measuring Cups Use: Measures dry ingredients
Ex) flour, sugar, etc.

4 Liquid Measuring Cup Use: Measures liquids Ex) Oils, water, etc.

5 Bread knife Has a serrated or saw tooth blade

6 Colander Use: Strains foods. Ex) pasta

7 Wooden Spoon Use: Used when stirring hot things

8 Pastry Brush Use: Greases pan/brushes dough
Ex) egg wash for a golden brown color on pastries

9 Measuring Spoons Use: Measures liquids and dry ingredients Ex) sugar, salt, flour, vanilla etc.

10 Whisk Use: Beats eggs, mixes batter/food

11 Tongs Use: Picks up salad, turns chicken, hot dogs, etc.

12 Rubber Scraper Use: Mixes ingredients, folds in egg whites, scraps sides of bowls

13 Pastry Blender Use: Mixes and cuts fat into flour

14 Turner Use: Flips burgers, turns pancakes, eggs, etc.

15 Can Opener Use: Opens lids on cans safely.

16 Garlic Press Designed to crush garlic cloves.

17 Peeler Use: Peels vegetables and fruits.
Ex) carrots, potatoes, apples, etc.

18 Metal Spatula Use: Levels dry ingredients Ex) Flour.
Also used for icing/frosting baked goods.

19 Chef’s Knife Used to slice, chop and dice. Has a large triangular blade.

20 Slotted Spoon Use: Spoon used for straining. Ex) pasta

21 Pot Use: Many functions including making pasta, soups, sauces, and stews.

22 Frying Pan Use: For foods that needs to be stirred, scrambled, or flipped over as it cooks in a small amount of butter, oil, or liquid.

23 Paring Knife Use: Small knife that is ideal for peeling.
Ex) fruit, removing seeds, cutting small garnishes

24 Blender Use: Basic pureeing, mixing and blending of foods
Ex) smoothies, soups, processing hard foods

25 French Knife Use: All-purpose knife used to cut meats and vegetables

26 Grater Use: Shreds cheese and vegetables

27 Mixing Bowls Use: Mixing container

28 Flour Sifter Use: Combines dry ingredients and removes lumps to ensure a standard measure and uniform texture in baked goods. Ex) Flour, Cinnamon, Sugar

29 Apple Core Use: Removes core from apples and cuts them into uniform pieces

30 Cutting Board Use: Base of all cutting. Ex) Meats, Fruits, Vegetables.
Also protects counter when cutting

31 Rolling Pin Use: Flattens and rolls out dough/pastry

32 Strainer Use: Strains smaller foods

33 Kitchen Shears Use: Snips string, dough and cuts vegetables and meats

34 Potato Masher Use: Crushes soft foods.
Ex) Mashed potatoes or applesauce.

35 Griddle Use: Used for large quantities of foods like fried eggs, hamburgers, pancakes, and omelets that must be turned to cook on both sides.

36 Wok Use: High heat cooking Ex) For stir-frying.

37 Thermometer Use: Measures temperature of oven or refrigerator.

38 Meat Thermometer Use: Measures internal temperature of meat

39 Rotary Beater Use: Hand-held beater that mixes, beats, whips foods.
Ex) beats eggs

40 Ladle Use: Moves liquids Ex) soups

41 Electric Mixer Use: Electrically mixes batters, dough and whips ingredients.

42 Oven Mitts Use: Protection against burn injury.

43 To Cream To soften solid fat, often by adding a second ingredient and working with a wooden spoon or an electric mixture until fat is incorporated.

44 Fold in To incorporate a delicate mixture into a thicker heavier mixture with a rubber scraper using a down, up and over motion

45 julienne To cut food into thin stick sized strips

46 Knead To work dough to blend ingredients to make it smooth and elastic

47 Boiling To cook food in liquid that has reached the highest temperature possible, air bubbles continuously rise, break the surface and escape as steam.

48 chop To cut food into small irregular pieces

49 Whip To beat quickly and vigorously to incorporate air into a mixture, making it light and fluffy.

50 Saute This technique lets food cook quickly in small amounts of fat without burning.

51 Simmer To cook food in a liquid at temperatures just below boiling, air bubbles rise slowly and just barely break the surface.

52 Strain Done to remove liquid from cooked food

53 Cut in To mix solid fat and flour using a pastry blender

54 Mince To chop finely

55 dice To cut food into square pieces

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