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Measuring Tools Liquid Measuring Cup Dry Measuring Cups

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1 Measuring Tools Liquid Measuring Cup Dry Measuring Cups
Made of glass or plastic. Extra space at the top allows you to carry without spilling. Has a spout for easy pouring. Dry Measuring Cups Used to measure dry and solid ingredients. A basic set includes: 1 cup, ½ cup, 1/3 cup, and ¼ cup. Measuring Spoons Used to measure small amounts of dry and liquid ingredients. Most sets include: 1 Tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, ½ teaspoon, and ¼ teaspoon.

2 Knives Utility Knife All purpose knife used to cut and slice many foods. Paring Knife Used to peel, cut, and slice small fruits and vegetables. Bread Knife Has a serrated or saw tooth edge that makes cutting bread and cake easy. Boning Knife Has a strong tip and narrow, flexible blade to make it easy to separate meat or poultry from the bone.

3 Knives & Other Cutting Tools
Slicing Knife Used to slice meat and poultry. Chef’s Knife Used for cutting, chopping, and slicing. Kitchen Shears Used for tasks such as cutting dried fruit, parsley, or chives, or snipping the skin from poultry. Peeler Used to remove thin outer layer from vegetables.

4 Other Cutting Tools Grater
Used to shred cheese, potatoes, and carrots, and to grate citrus peels and nutmeg. Cutting Board Comes in a variety of sizes. Protects the counter or table while you’re cutting.

5 Mixing Equipment Pastry Blender
U-shaped wires capped with handle. Used to cut fat into flour for making pastry dough. Whisk Flexible wires held together by the handle. Used to blend, stir, and beat. Sifter A container with a blade that forces dry ingredients through a fin wire screen Used to get rid of lumps or to mix dry ingredients thoroughly. Mixing Spoons Used to mix, beat, and stir. Can be made of wood or plastic. Mixing Bowls Can be made of glass, plastic, or metal. Often sold in sets of different sizes.

6 Cooking & Baking Tools Utility Fork/ Meat Fork Meat Thermometer Tongs
Has long, strong tines that aid in lifting, carving, and turning various cuts of meat. Meat Thermometer Used to measure the internal temperature of meats and poultry. Tongs Used to turn foods or to transfer them to another container. Slotted Spoon Used to lift solid pieces of food from cooking liquid or sauce.

7 Cooking & Baking Tools Ladle Used to spoon soup or stew. Colander
Used for draining liquid from foods such as cooked pasta. Rubber Scrapper Has a flat, flexible blade. Used to scrape batter from containers. Also used to “fold” ingredients into one another. Rolling Pin Used to roll out pastry, biscuit, or cookie dough.

8 Cooking & Baking Tools Pastry Brush/ Basting Brush
Used to brush sauces or glazes on food. Straight Edge Spatula Has a long, flexible blade with straight, dull edge. Used to level off ingredients when measuring, and frosting baked foods. Turner Use for turning foods such as eggs and pancakes, and to remove food from baking sheets. Wire Rack/ Cooling Rack Used as a place to cool cookies and other foods.

9 Cookware for the Range Saucepan
Have one long handle. Come in various sizes, usually with covers. Used for cooking foods on top of the range. Pots Have two small handles and are generally larger than saucepans. Used for cooking foods on the stovetop, but some may be put in the oven. Skillet Also called frying pans. More shallow than a pot or saucepan. Used for browning and frying foods. Wok A pan designed for stir-frying. Deeper than a skillet. angled sides are wider at the top than the bottom.

10 Cookware for the Range Steamer Basket
Used for steaming foods such as vegetables. It is inserted into the saucepan to hold the food above boiling water Double Boiler A two-part saucepan for gently heating delicate foods without burning them. Boiling water in the lower compartment heats food in the upper compartment. Casserole Dishes Covered or uncovered containers used for baking mixed dishes. Usually made of heat resistant glass, pottery, or ceramic. Roasting Pan Shallow pan used for roasting meat and poultry. Has a rack on the bottom to keep meat and juices separate.

11 Baking Pans Cake Pan Pie Pan Muffin Pan Loaf Pan Baking Sheet/
Jelly Roll Pan

12 Small Cooking Appliances
Toaster Oven Can toast, bake, and brown small amounts of food. Electric Skillet Can fry, simmer, steam, roast, and bake. Has a temperature control. Crockpot Cooks foods at a low temperature over many hours. Allows for safe cooking all day while you’re away.

13 Mixing and Cutting Appliances
NAME ____KEY___________________ Mixing and Cutting Appliances Blender Used for blending and liquefying foods. Can also grate, chop, and mince. Food Processor Used to slice, grate, shred, chop, grind, and mix a variety of ingredients Can also be used to knead dough. Mixer Mixes and beats ingredients Comes in hand-held and stand models.

14 The Right Tool for the Job?
_____________________- Peeling, cutting, and slicing small fruits and vegetables. _____________________-Shredding cheese. _____________________- Cutting fat into flour. _____________________- Stirring ingredients together. _____________________- Whipping cream. _____________________- Lifting solid pieces of food from a cooking liquid.

15 The Right Tool for the Job?
7. _____________________- Stir-frying vegetables and small pieces of meat. 8. _____________________- Draining liquid from cooked pasta. 9. _____________________- Scraping batter from containers. 10. _____________________- Serving soups and chili.

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