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What they are and how we use them

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1 What they are and how we use them
Kitchen Equipment What they are and how we use them

2 Liquid measuring cup Measures Liquids Only
Extra space at the top prevents spills Has spout for easy pouring. Comes in many sizes

3 Dry measuring Cup ¼, 1/3, ½, and 1 cup.
Used to measure solids and dry ingredients. Filled to the top, then leveled.

4 Measuring Spoons ¼ t, ½ t, 1t, and 1 T
Used to measure small amounts of dry, liquid, or solid ingredients.

5 Paring Knife Short blade.
Used to cut fruit, vegetables, and to remove seeds.

6 Bread Knife Cutting bread and angel food cake.
Serrated edge is used to help cut without crushing.

7 Chef/ French Knife Used to slice, chop and dice food on a cutting board. Most Versatile

8 Vegetable Peeler Thinly remove skin from fruits and vegetables.
Double edged floating blade swivels.

9 Grater Shreds and Grates food Example: -Cheese -Carrots -Gingerroot

10 Egg Slicer Used for cutting hard boiled eggs into thin even slices.

11 Colander Draining cooked pasta. Rinsing fruits and vegetables.

12 Strainer Strain liquid from food and to remove seeds from juices.

13 Juicer Extracting juice from oranges, lemons, etc.
Strains as it juices.

14 Wooden Spoons Used for mixing ingredients, and stirring foods.
Comes in many different sizes.

15 Turner Used to lift, turn, and flip foods such as hamburgers and pancakes.

16 Two Tine Fork Used to lift and turn meats.
Helpful in carving and serving.

17 Saucepan A deep pan with a handle used for stewing or boiling.
Used on top of a range to heat.

18 Pie Pan Holding and shaping the dough. Holds pie filling in.
Made of heat conducting material such as glass or ceramic.

19 Jelly Roll Pan A wide flat pan similar to a cookie sheet but with deeper sides. (11x17)

20 Dutch Oven A large thick walled cooking pot with a tight fitting lid.
Used for soups or roasts.

21 Vegetable Brush Removes fruits and vegetables of any dirt or potentially harmful residues.

22 Angel Food Cake Pan or 10 Inch Tube Pan
Ring shaped tin for baking cakes. Most often used to prepare sponge cake and angel food cake.

23 Funnel Used to transfer a liquid from a large container to a smaller container. Large hole at the top and small hole at the bottom.

24 Pastry Brush Used to spread oil, butter, or glaze over a food.
Made of plastic fibers similar to a paint brush.

25 Sifter Remove any lumps from flour by pressing it through a mesh bottom. Incorporates air into the flour as it sifts to make it fluffier and more even- textured, which makes measuring the flour more accurate.

26 Melon Baller Comes in many sizes and shapes.
Tool designed to scoop melon out in small, perfectly shaped balls.

27 Muffin Tin A mold in which muffins or cupcakes are baked.
Come in 6 or 12 cup- shaped depressions.

28 Baster Keeps turkey moist and full of flavor by redistributing juices
Also used to remove fat from soups and meat.

29 Ladle Deep spoon with a long handle usually used for serving soup and sauces.

30 Pastry Blender Used for cutting shortening or butter into dry pastry ingredients.

31 Double Boiler Two nested pans, designed to allow slow, even cooking or heating of food in the upper pan by the action of water boiling in the lower.

32 Skillet Flat-bottomed pan.
Used for frying, searing, and browning foods.

33 Tongs Used to lift food out of hot liquid and to turn food such as bacon. Tongs do not pierce food like a fork does.

34 Leveler or Straight-edge Spatula
Level ingredients Icing cakes

35 Rolling Pin Used to flatten dough to the required thinness by pressing and rolling.

36 Rubber Scraper Scrape out excess food from pan, bowls, measuring cups, etc.

37 Kitchen Shears Used to trim pastries, meat, fish, and dried fruit.
Used to open food product containers.

38 Wire Whisk Used to blend, stir, and beat egg whites.
Useful in preparing sauces and gravies.

39 9”x13” Pan Deep pan is ideal for baking cakes and brownies. (9x13)

40 Spring Form Pan Has an upright side rim that can be removed from the base. Spring makes for easy removal from cakes. Commonly used for cheesecakes

41 Bundt Cake Pan Shaping it into a distinctive ridged ring.
Used to make cakes.

42 Casserole Dish Bakeware designed for use in making casseroles.
Can keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold.

43 Griddle Flat metal plate which food is baked or fried on.
Good for pancakes and grilled cheese.

44 Egg Separator Allows the white of the egg to run out of the bottom through the side slits, while the center holds onto the yolk.

45 Mixing Bowls Come in all shapes and sizes and materials
Are used to combine or separate ingredients.

46 Slotted Spoon Used to drain and serve foods at the same time

47 Apple Corer Used to take out the core of an apple and to cut it into wedges

48 Custard Cup Crack eggs into this cup to check for shells, double yolks, or blood Use this cup to measure small amounts of food

49 Pasta Server Grasping utensil used for pasta

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