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Inglemoor High School: An IB World School Encouraging all students to participate in a culture of achievement.

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1 Inglemoor High School: An IB World School Encouraging all students to participate in a culture of achievement

2 The Structure of IB Language A1 Language B Individuals & Societies Mathematics Experimental Sciences The Arts & Electives Extended Essay ToK Creativity, Action, Service

3 IB Terminology A Certificate Student takes a class, completes the class work, takes a set of exams and earns a Certificate. A Diploma Student takes classes in the five core areas, as well as one elective and completes additional requirements to earn the IB Diploma. Assessments are a part of class work (Internal) as well as end of class exams (External).


5 Inglemoor IB Growth (Tests)

6 Inglemoor IB Growth (Classes) 337 Sophomores are in either Pre-IB English or Pre-IB Math (60%). 259 Seniors take either IB or AP English, 197 Seniors take regular English. In addition to IB we now offer multiple sections of AP English Literature, English Composition, US History and Government and Civics. This growth is due to a “piggyback effect”. We have expanded IB offerings to Include IB Visual Arts, IB Film, and IB Business and Management.

7 Growth and Scores: Document One Our annual growth rate is between 10-15%. In the last five years we have more than doubled in size. Our scores have remained remarkably consistent. English History Math Conclusion: More students are capable of participating in IB.

8 The Value of IB IB Curriculum is closely aligned with University readiness standards. See Document Two: KSUS Report. There is a growing recognition in the Northwest for IB and the IB Diploma. See Document Three:Data table Oregon public universities will soon have universal recognition. IB students have higher rates of on time graduation. See Document Four: U of O Data

9 College Graduation Rates *Source: US Census, the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) of NCES, and the National Student Clearinghouse

10 Gates Foundation Recognition “The Diploma Programme stands out among other high school curricula available today in the US public education system because it offers a rigorous, aligned, and integrated instructional system that is both appropriate and valuable for students of average skill proficiency, and is transformative for minority and low-income students.”

11 Increasing Access Increase access for all students, including High Needs (minority and low income). IB recommends a goal of 15% participation of High Needs students. Increase the number and types of opportunities for students so that they feel comfortable taking challenging classes. Develop common assessments aligned to International, KSUS, Dist, and State standards for all IB classes. Align IB Science and Fine Arts classes with CTE standards

12 Increasing Access: The IBCC The IB Career Certificate expands IB into vocational programs. This is in recognition that all of our students can benefit from access to international standards. An IBCC student will take two or more IB classes alongside classes in a CTE program. We are seeking IBCC Partnership with SAS and the new Tech Ed Programs under development.

13 Our Vision As an IB World School we would like to see every Inglemoor student choose to participate in programs aligned to rigorous, international standards. We would like to build programs and opportunities so that all students will have access to these programs. We would like to develop a culture where students feel comfortable working hard and challenging themselves.

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