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IB DP at ISB Sophomore Parent/Guardian Night February 2014.

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1 IB DP at ISB Sophomore Parent/Guardian Night February 2014

2 Topics of the Evening 1.What is the IB Diploma Program (DP)? 2.Why do the IB? 3.Forecasting 4.World Student Conference!

3 What is the IB Diploma?  It’s a TWO -YEAR course of study where students:  take three (or four) Higher Level (HL) courses,  take three (or two) Standard Level (SL) courses,  write an Extended Essay,  take Theory of Knowledge, and  complete a full CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) program.

4 More Specifics  Students earn an IB Diploma when they earn a satisfactory score on all internal and external assessments for all 6 subjects, earn a passing score for their ToK assessments and their EE, and successfully complete their CAS program.  It is NOT a BSD Diploma…..

5 Even MORE Specifics  Extended Essay: Independently researched & written 3500-4000 word essay supervised by ISB faculty member. Completed by October of the SR year. (A high school graduation requirement!)  Theory of Knowledge: 2-yr course that challenges students to ask questions about their knowledge and experiences; concurrent through the program of study.  CAS: it’s not all about coursework, rather it is also about Creativity, Action and Service! Students initiate, do and reflect on activities throughout the two years, concurrent with their academics (MB)


7 The assessments…  Internal Assessments – internally assessed work, i.e. orals, papers, presentations, lab work. Teacher work is moderated by IBO.  External assessments – exams and essays  Exams take place in May of Senior year and are 1-2 days long  Registration for exams happens in early November  Exam fees… you can start paying as soon as you’d like! Costs for 2014 exams are $845

8 IB at ISB…  We are a FULL IB school so our students are full IB students unless an individual’s Four Year Plan & Profile needs to be adjusted to support HS graduation requirements. ________________________________________________________  This is all we do.  DP students have a whole school community for support.  We know every kid can achieve success in an IB for All school.  We encourage every kid to test as this is an important opportunity for personal growth.

9 Why do the IB anyway??


11 Successful IB students…  Study!  Are balanced  Set goals  Self-advocate – with friends & adults  Are internally motivated to do the IB

12 What do Colleges think about IB? In a 2012 study of diverse alumni from IB programmes in Chicago public schools, researchers from the University of Chicago found that, compared to a matched sample, DP students are more likely to:  enroll in college  attend a more selective college  stay enrolled in college.

13 The DP prepares students for college  High degree of alignment with college readiness standards in all subject areas  Many individual IB standards were more advanced than those required for success in entry-level college courses  IB standards address key cognitive strategies (critical thinking, intellectual inquisitiveness and interpretation skills) that have been identified by college instructors as necessary for college success.

14 IB students more likely to succeed in college A 2010 study that looked at performance on IB exams and college GPA of over 1500 IB students enrolled in the University of California system found:  IB students earned higher GPAs and graduated at higher rates than a matched comparison group. This held across all family income levels  Performance in the Diploma Programme was the strongest predictor of college GPA.

15 College Acceptance  The average acceptance rate of IB students into university/college is 22% higher than the average acceptance rate of the total population.  The acceptance rate of IB students into Ivy League institutions (Princeton, Yale, Brown, Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, University of Pennsylvania) is between 3% and 13% higher compared to the total population acceptance rate.

16 Forecasting These are two year courses and students will not be allowed to drop IB Courses from their schedule or change their schedule from the courses they choose once the course begins in the fall.

17 A Full IB Candidate  Each student needs to test in 3 HL courses and 3 SL courses.  IB does allow students to take 4 HL courses (Not 5)  Depending on the plan, some students will forecast for more then 4 HL courses, however, they will need to choose your senior year which 4 they will test in.

18 Groups 1-5  Group 1: IB English Literature  Group 2: IB Spanish, Mandarin or Japanese  Group 3: IB History of Asia  Group 4: IB Biology  Group 5: IB Math Studies, IB Math SL, IB Math HL  Group 6…..

19 Group 6 Options: Info about this courses found on the ISB Website under Diploma Program.the ISB Website  IB Visual Arts  IB Music Choir  IB Music Band  IB Psychology  IB Chemistry Please select your first and second and third choice by writing a 1 in your first choice and a 2 in your second choice... If we do not have enough students signed up for one of these courses, we will be unable to offer that course and you will be placed in your second choice

20 World Student Conferences  July 6-12: University of Queensland, Australia  July 20-26: McGill University, Canada  July 27-August 2: University of Bath, England  Earlybird registration is $850 until February 21; then $925 WWW.IBO.ORG/WSC

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