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Advanced Learning Schools IB Diploma Programme Coordinator Mark Johnson.

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1 Advanced Learning Schools IB Diploma Programme Coordinator Mark Johnson

2 Curriculum: What does the DP curriculum contain? The curriculum contains six subject groups together with a core made up of three separate parts.

3  Three subjects are studied at higher level - 240 hours Three subjects are studied at standard level - 150 hours All three parts of the core—extended essay, theory of knowledge and creativity, action, service—are compulsory and are central to the philosophy of the Diploma program. one subject each from Groups 1-5 one from Group 6 or a second subject from Groups 1-4

4 stimulates critical reflection on knowledge and experience encourages students to examine the grounds for moral, political and aesthetic judgments challenges students – to question the bases of knowledge – to be aware of subjective and ideological biases – to develop the ability to analyse evidence Theory of Knowledge extended essay creativity, action, service © IBO 2002

5 Extended Essay An investigation of a topic of special interest to familiarize the student with independent research and writing skills necessary for success at the university level involves approximately 40 hours of research and writing no more than 4000 words supervised by a faculty member externally assessed

6 Creativity, Action, Service The experiential learning component of the diploma challenges and extends the individual student develops a spirit of discovery and self-reliance encourages individual skills and interests develops sense of responsibility to the community emphasizes learning by doing real tasks that have real consequences and then reflecting on these experiences over time.

7 IB Courses at ALS Language A English HL and SL Arabic HL and SL Language B Arabic A HL and SL English B HL and SL Individuals and Societies Information Technology in a Global Society HL and SL Business and Management HL and SL History HL and SL Psychology HL and SL

8 IB Courses at ALS Experimental Sciences Biology HL and SL Physics HL and SL Chemistry HL and SL Mathematics Mathematics HL Mathematics Methods SL Math Studies SL Fine Arts Visual Arts HL and SL Spanish Ab Initio

9 Academic Assessment External assessment (graded by IB examiner) –generally 75-80% of overall score –exams in May –papers –artwork and performances Internal assessment (graded by teacher, checked by IB examiner) –generally 20-25% of overall score –papers –oral exams

10 Diploma requirements A score of 1 through 7 is awarded in each academic area. CAS requirement must be met satisfactorily (pass/fail) TOK and Extended Essay grades combine to give score between 0 and 3; both TOK and the Extended Essay must be completed Overall diploma score maximum is 45 Minimum score needed to earn the diploma is 24 (with additional conditions)

11 ALS Conversion Grading System IB GradingPercentageDescriptor 787-100Exceptional work, virtually error free 677-86Work of a very high quality 567-76Work of a good quality 454-66Work consistent with a passing grade 344-53Work just below the passing level 234-43Work significantly below the passing level 10-33Not submitted or very poor quality work

12 IB Recognition Policies United States –IB is widely recognized; acceptance by universities is increasing –IB Diploma Program is recognized as one of the most challenging high school curriculums –some schools offer sophomore standing for successful completion of the Diploma Program, usually with a score minimum –university credit or placement offered for higher level scores of 5 or more, though this may vary; credit or placement is generally not offered for standard level scores –online searchable database for university policies

13 IB Recognition Policies United Kingdom –IB diploma required for acceptance at selective colleges –minimum scores for certain subjects may be required; acceptance may be contingent on obtaining sufficient scores other European countries –generally require the IB diploma –may have additional requirements; e.g., Germany requires bilingual diploma Australia –IB diploma desirable but not required –IB scores often required

14 IB Recognition Policies Canada –IB diploma very desirable but not required, may facilitate admission –Credit given for HL scores of 6 or 7 Korea –Seoul National University accepts the IB diploma for students educated overseas for at least three years Searchable database ces/universities&language=en

15 The ALS Curriculum Incorporating the IB into the ALS curriculum Students who do not wish to complete the Full Diploma can instead do the ALS Diploma – this is a modified version of the full IB Diploma, but incorporating all of it’s core elements

16 Comparing the ALS and IB Diplomas The IB DiplomaThe ALS Diploma 6 IB subjects, three at HL and 3 at SL6 subjects, a combination of HL, SL and ALS examinations TOK externally moderatedTOK marked by ALS teachers CAS (150 hours)CAS (75 hours) Extended essay (externally moderated) 4000 words 2000 words (graded by an ALS supervisor)

17 Taking a subject at non-IB level Students taking a subject at ALS level complete the same requirements (including coursework) as the SL IB students Coursework is graded by their teacher rather than an external moderator Students who take an IB exam but not the full IB Diploma still receive a certificate of achievement IB Diploma candidates also receive their ALS Diploma


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