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CLASS OF 2014 Welcome Seniors!!!. Class of 2014 Fall Pre-test Logon to Naviance: Click.

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1 CLASS OF 2014 Welcome Seniors!!!

2 Class of 2014 Fall Pre-test Logon to Naviance: Click on ABOUT ME tab Click on Class of 2014 Fall Pre-test Answer the questions

3 Planning for the Future Multiple options post-graduation: (Bachelor’s Degree)  4 Year College/University (Bachelor’s Degree) (Associate’s Degree)  2 Year College (Associate’s Degree)  Technical/Trade School  Prep School/Post-Graduate Programs  Military  Workforce

4 What to do NOW 1. Meet with school counselor to discuss your options 2. Research Your Options 1. Career & College Planning Guide 2. Naviance website 3. Links on Guidance page of NQHS website 4. American Student Access Center at the Boston Public Library-Copley 5. Local Library, GOOGLE

5 NAVIANCE Helpful tool for both college and career exploration Sign up to meet with college reps when they come to NQHS or to go on college field trips Required to use for all college information Update your profile to include SAT/ACT scores Complete the career interest inventory and personality survey Search for scholarships

6 Résumé All seniors need one for employment opportunities, scholarships and should be included in college application submissions Need help building a résumé?  Worksheet included in binder  Résumé builder on Naviance website  Counselors have résumé templates TIPS:  Create appropriate email address to list on resume  Remove questionable content from Facebook, Vines, Snapchat, Twitter and other social networking sites.

7 Applying to 4-Year College…

8 Researching Schools… Attend QPS College Fair—Oct. 10 th, 6-8PM at: North Quincy High School On Naviance…  Sign up for College Visits  Sign up for meetings with visiting college representatives “Like” the NQHS Guidance Facebook page for regular updates and coupon for 1 FREE transcript Follow us on Twitter: @nqguidance Take note of all application deadlines!!

9 Common Application In order to match your Naviance Family Connection and Common App accounts, you need to do the following: Step 1 - Create a Common App account on Common App OnlineCommon App Online Step 2 - Sign the FERPA Waiver & Authorization on Common App OnlineCommon App Online Once you match accounts, your FERPA status can no longer be changed and you cannot unmatch your account. Tips to successfully match accounts: Make sure you enter the email address that you chose for your Common App account. Make sure your last name matches on your Family Connection profile and your Common App account. Make sure your first name or date of birth matches on your Family Connection profile and your Common App account.

10 How are college acceptances decided? Typical 4-Year College Admission Criteria: Official transcript GPA Class rank Standardized test results (SATs, ACTs, TOEFL, etc.) Counselor recommendation letter Teacher recommendation letter (2 only) Application questions & essays Extracurricular activities First generation applicants (parents did not attend college)

11 Applying Restrictive Early Action/Early Decision Restrictive Early Action  Application usually due Nov. 1; decision by mid-December  Non-binding  “Restrictive”  only apply to one school early Early Decision  Application usually due Nov. 1; decision by mid-December  Binding  Agree to attend College if accepted

12 Applying to 2-Year College…

13 Applying to 2-Year Colleges & Career/Trade Schools Similar application process to 4-Year Colleges Often have rolling admissions  No application deadline  Earlier application is submitted, earlier you are notified/more likely to be accepted Require high school diploma or GED Most DO NOT require SATs

14 Benefits of 2-Year Colleges Less expensive than 4-Year colleges Offer shorter certificate programs Assist you in preparing for a career Assist you in preparing for you to transfer to a 4-Year College

15 Transcripts Request transcripts through your counselor $3.00 fee for each college application transcript request First quarter transcripts available by early December Remember to check transcript for accuracy Transcript requests must be made AT LEAST 2 WEEKS PRIOR to admission deadline! Last day to request transcripts for Jan. 1 st deadline is Dec. 6th

16 Teacher Recommendations Only allowed to ask 2 teachers for recommendations  Think carefully about who you will ask Must provide a resume or Senior Activity Sheet (available in your binder) to teacher Give teacher at least 3-4 weeks to write letter Recommendations needed for jobs, scholarships and college. Get it done even if you are not planning on attending school

17 Financial Aid/Schoalrships College-bound students must file a FAFSA and may need to file a CSS profile Financial Aid Night is in January at Quincy High School Scholarships will be listed on Naviance in the Colleges tab as they become available More information to come!

18 Other Options After Graduation EMPLOYMENT: Which career is right for me?  Career/Personality Assessments on NAVIANCE  “Career Interest Profile”  “Do What You Are Personality Inventory” 

19 Other Options After Graduation MILITARY Research various branches of military Visit with military recruiters Take ASVAB—a career/personality assessment specific to military careers – see ROTC instructors for date SERVICE AmeriCorps – City Year, etc. Peace Corps Local Service Agencies Chamber of Commerce

20 Activity Click on ABOUT ME tab Click on Class of 2014 Fall Post-test Add 5 colleges to your college list OR Complete your Career Interest Profiler, the Do What You Are assessment, or add a favorite career in the Career tab

21 AP Reminder! AP students required to take the AP exam Pre-registration ($20) due by 11/15. Full amount of registration fee due by end of term 2. AP students who do not register for the AP exam will be moved to Honors level.

22 Now What? Do your research! Explore your options and discuss with family Use your Career and College Planning Binder Log on to Naviance Schedule an appointment with your school counselor!

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