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Technology 2011 David Dickey. Agenda 2010 – What we did 2011 – What will we do Agent Websites Property Tracker Use Technology to get listings.

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1 Technology 2011 David Dickey

2 Agenda 2010 – What we did 2011 – What will we do Agent Websites Property Tracker Use Technology to get listings

3 Launched in 2010 Launched iPhone App Launching Agent Websites – included Launching Property Tracker – included Additional MLS Full Integrations Technology Systems Enhancements Added new searching capabilities Support for Apple browsers for Peak New Auction National Websites Added Technology Field Support – Tonja Fellet Added Technology Developer – Matt Scott Added Technology Webinars SEO – Ranch for Sale, Lake Homes for Sale Added New SEO Techniques

4 Dig a Deeper Trench 2011 Make what we have stronger Realtime Rewrite – user feedback session Confidentials – consistency Listing Syndication – flexibility Email – deliverability MLS integration – faster - more

5 Agent Websites Recorded webinars on Intranet Live Webinars March 15 th March 29 th Broker Benefits Training Recruiting Retention Instant Activation More exposure No double entry Worth $1.8M

6 Agent Websites Now included Must have Active Peak Account Variety of templates Custom Pictures Feature your listings Feature other listings One touch searching Custom pages Tied to Property Tracker Monitor your traffic Use any URL Show Sold Listings Flash Introductions Recruiting More Exposure

7 Agent Websites Examples

8 Agent Website Website Button Main management tool Quick Start Guide No need to re-enter listing Control Center

9 Agent Websites Searching Options Featured Your listings Your office Listings Instant Searches Custom Searches MLS if you are integrated

10 Agent Websites Featured Automatically downloaded from Realtime Also linked in quick link column Can pick specific listings to feature Can add other listings

11 Agent Websites Your Listings – Agent Features property on a map with different views – birdseye, aerial, etc. Social media shares Can search nationwide for referral ability

12 Agent Websites Your office listings Automatically downloaded from Realtime Can choose not to show Social Media Shares Edit message

13 Agent Websites Instant Searches Create up to 5 instant searches Sort by location or type of property Use instant searches in email signature Hyperlink in virtual postcards Use map to pick properties

14 Agent Websites MLS Listings – If integrated Offers more than just your listings

15 Agent Websites Sold Listings Can pick and choose Displays the sold date Displays pending sales Shows experience Auto-downloaded

16 Agent Websites URL – Web Address Free one Purchase URL Use from the tool Custom Pages Edit home page wording Create a relationship Become the portal of your area If you get upgrade message – call us

17 Property Tracker Recorded webinars on Intranet Live Webinars March 22 th March 31 th Training Included with the Technology fee Stay in touch with your customers Great for the “tire kickers” Automatically sends emails Comes from you not the MLS Can have multiples searches Supports MLS integration Another recruiting and retention tool Listing tool as well Auto unsubscribe

18 Property Tracker Setup – Two ways – Agent set up – Customer Set up Users can be setup by the agent Users can set themselves up Users don’t have to log in Users receive email updates

19 Property Tracker Main benefit – Emails on properties – From the agent

20 Property Tracker If the user logs in – what they see – Self Service They can also change their search criteria here

21 Property Tracker Follow the consumers – Track what they are doing See what listings they are viewing Are they logging in How many emails sent to them

22 Technology Listing Presentation Collateral to help you win listings Win more listings Use in listing presentation Give us feedback Click here

23 Technology Listing Presentation International Traffic Seen in 214 Countries

24 Technology Listing Presentation Aggregate Websites Indexed pages

25 Technology Listing Presentation Index each listing Niche approach

26 Technology Listing Presentation First page on google

27 Technology Listing Presentation Leverage 500M users

28 Technology Listing Presentation Mobile Strategy

29 iPad Listing Kit Load PDF reader Pro ($3.99) Download from intranet Specialty docs Broadside Catalogs Technology slides Show websites Google Specialty sites Office Agent National Show iphone app Projector issues – Solved with iPad2

30 Email Industry issues -Approximately 80% of all email sent on internet are “SPAM” -Costs US business an estimated $100B -183 Billion spam message sent every day How does this effect us? -Deliverability” – the likelihood that an email will end up in an inbox -Limit the number of emails that can go out -Spam filters United Country Options -Build our own – we have this -Partnering with ISPs Qwest Earthlink Sale AMP

31 Email Earthlink is best why Backup – Reliability – Scores Issues --- all servers have this SPAM Filters Limits

32 Email What you need to know SPAM Filters 3 settings high, medium, off Stop using attachments Embed links Subject lines – no caps / exclamation points

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