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Sage ACT! 2012. Sage ACT! Overview #1 contact and customer management choice of small businesses and sales teams. Designed for professionals who rely.

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1 Sage ACT! 2012

2 Sage ACT! Overview #1 contact and customer management choice of small businesses and sales teams. Designed for professionals who rely on the development of profitable relationships. An industry leader when it comes to ease of use. A powerful way to grow your business. Backed by a global company with local expertise.

3 Features and Benefits Organized customer details Opportunity management Activity tracking and automated tasks

4 Features and Benefits Leads List Imported from Hoover’s™ Contact and calendar access from virtually anywhere Email Marketing

5 Your Business Command Center Desktop & Web-based Productivity Tools Social Media Back-office Updates Subscription- based Sales & Marketing Services

6 Desktop & Web-based Productivity ToolsVersion/ ProductsNotes Microsoft Office2003 – 2007 and 2010 Firefox®3.5,3.6 & 4.0 Internet Explorer®7, 8 and 9 Operating SystemsXP, Vista and Windows 7 Google® – Gmail™, Google Contacts, and Google Calendar™ NEW! Back-officeVersion/ ProductsNotes Accounting Link FrameworkSage Peachtree 2010/ 2011/ 2012, Sage Simply Accounting 2010 / 2011/ 2012, Sage BusinessWorks V6 or higher Subscription-based ServicesVersion/ ProductsNotes Sage ACT! ConnectNEW! Sage E-marketing for ACT! Sage Business Info Services for ACT! Connect Sage ACT! to…

7 Introducing Sage ACT! 2012 Virtual Notepad with Sage ACT! Scratchpad Seamless Interaction with Gmail®, Google® Contacts, and Google Calendar™ Faster, More Expansive Universal Search Virtually Anywhere Access with Sage ACT! Connect

8 Trade Your Pen/Paper To-do Lists Sage ACT! Scratchpad: −Quickly capture impromptu notes, phone numbers, and personal reminders, with or without opening Sage ACT!. −Prioritize and check off items once completed, print the list to take it with you, or push tasks that require further follow up into Sage ACT!. −Send items to Sage ACT! as activities, notes, and history— even assign them to contacts. Keep business and personal tasks in Sage ACT! Scratchpad

9 Work Seamlessly with Google® Gmail®: −Send and receive emails from Gmail and Sage ACT! will keep a history of those emails for a complete view of your communications with that contact. −Specify one of three default history types to record emails, including subject line, subject line and message, and email attachment. View your Gmail emails from within Sage ACT!

10 Work Seamlessly with Google® Google® Contacts: −Create new Google Contacts from Sage ACT! −Create new Sage ACT! Contacts from Google −Sync all or just a subset of your Sage ACT! contacts with Google® Your contacts are always up to date regardless of where they were created or changed

11 Work Seamlessly with Google® Google Calendar™: −Sync your Sage ACT! and Google calendars manually or automatically using pre-programmed intervals. −Select if you want Sage ACT! or Google to “win” for conflict resolution when both calendars have been changed. −Choose which Sage ACT! activity types sync to Google and then clear activities from either application. −Specify if you want alarms displayed in Google, Sage ACT!, or both so you can be reminded in the place you work most often.

12 Find What You Need…Faster Universal Search: −Find that key document or piece of info you need in your contacts, groups, companies, opportunities, notes, history, and attachments. −Filter your search criteria by all dates, last 24 hours, last week, and last month. −View search results displayed by relevance and double-click on the item of interest to be taken to that particular field or attachment. −Use the back button to view the search results page again. Universal search is faster and more expansive

13 Access Sage ACT! from Virtually Anywhere Sage ACT! Connect: −Get to your Sage ACT! contacts and calendar from your laptop via supported web browsers, including Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, Google Chrome™—even Safari®. −Access from popular tablets, like the iPad®. −Sync these same details to your BlackBerry®, Windows Mobile®, and Android™ devices for real-time, mobile access. −Import Yahoo® and Google® contacts into Sage ACT! Connect. −Link Facebook pictures to the contacts you keep.

14 Sage ACT! Connect For Use in a Team Environment

15 Administrative Improvements Consolidated setup and auto-sync schedules. Simplified startup experience, which reduces the complexity of getting started. Installation enhancements: −Continue to be productive during Sage ACT! installation (new installs). −Manage installation expectations better by knowing how long it will take, what prerequisites are needed. −Make better decisions on when Sage ACT! installation should occur. Importing data enhancements: −Improved flow of import from other sources into Sage ACT!. −Confirmation message that import is successful with a log of what’s not imported and why. Moving and sharing of databases: −Easily find databases that users can access/use, and share databases with others within the organization.

16 Summary Local focus and global scale with Sage. Sage ACT! is your business command center that serves up relevant relationship details and connects you to: −Powerful, subscription-based sales and marketing services −Desktop and web-based productivity tools −Social media NEW productivity and efficiency features in the upcoming release of Sage ACT! 2012. Sage resources to get you up and running and keep you running smoothly.

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