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Bullseye 2.1.3 Bullseye 2.1.3 was rolled out to our user base on Friday, January 30. I wanted to take this opportunity to give everyone an update on a.

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1 Bullseye 2.1.3 Bullseye 2.1.3 was rolled out to our user base on Friday, January 30. I wanted to take this opportunity to give everyone an update on a few of the new features that can be found in 2.1.3 (1), and the roadmap. Sorry in advance for the length of the correspondence, but we have a lot to cover. Special thanks to the entire technology team during this very challenging conversion to our platform of the future! New Features There is no software to download. The version can be seen at the bottom of the login screen ( The new software is automatically there, however, you may have to “refresh” your browser cache to see the updates. You can do this by simply pressing & at the same time.

2 Training Opportunities We have various ways to train on Bullseye, pick the one that best fits your schedule. Live WebinarsLive Webinars – topical sessions Bullseye BootcampBullseye Bootcamp – A three day series with hands on assignments Past Recorded Webinars Webinars by Topic: Using the Multipic Tool and viewing contact records Finding leads and using virtual postcards and seller reports UC Contact Search and Bus Stop Marketing Job Aids: Bullseye Cheat SheetsBullseye Cheat Sheets

3 Roadmap (what is next) Bullseye 3.0 – major release (Spring/Summer)– This is our last major hurdle to get us off our legacy system listing system. You may know this as the “RealTime” release. Our goal is to be able to abandon RealTime and allow for listing entry, updates, and closing in Bullseye. The task within Bullseye is relatively simple on the surface but presents the technology team with two specific difficulties that make this release longer and harder. The primary problem in the most simplistic terms is that all of our websites (3500) and other applications that touch the listings have to be changed to point to the new system first. We are way down the path on this release and I am hopeful to have it available in the Summer, I know it is a pain to enter a listing in RealTime and then wait for it to transfer to Bullseye, but know that it is short-term and our highest priority to fix. Once we get over this release ( BE 3.0) we will be clear of our legacy system and able to crank out some great new features rapidly. Bullseye 3.1 – Agent Website release – (Summer)

4 Bullseye 2.1.3 release notes I have highlighted a few of the new features that the offices requested. This patch fixed about 40 bugs and issues, but I will focus on some new enhancement that the software contains. Forgot Password Link Office Designation and New Menu Multipic Tool Auctions (Real Estate and Personal Property Auctions) Created and Opportunity Dates Print Contact Grouping Virtual Postcards Email Attachments Expired Session Logout Page Following are screenshots and explanations for the above new enhancements.

5 Forgot Password Link

6 Office Designation and New Menu The address of the office is now visible. This window is only available for offices with multiple locations. The menu has been changed with the addition of our Auctions link. User information, office information and log out are now the second row. Menu can be seen entirely without using CTRL + -.

7 Multipic Tool: Uploading Photos 1 24 Add multiple photos by using “upload pictures” button. Add files by using CTRL+ key to choose multiple photos. Click on “Start Upload” to begin process. Once it finishes, you can close the window. 3

8 Deleting Photos Rearranging Photos Delete one at a time or mass delete all pictures. Drag and drop photo to rearrange as desired.

9 Auctions: Auction View/Personal Property Auctions AUCTIONS have been added to the Bullseye Menu at the top center. At a minimum the most recent ten (10) auction events will be listed in the view regardless of status. To view the specifics of each event click VIEW DETAILS next to the listed auction and auction information will display at the bottom of the screen. From there users can click the listing# or edit icon to view additional information, add photos, email the listing to groups or view contacts who inquired about the event. Real Estate auctions are fully functional at this time; however our team is presently working on Personal Property. Those events will be listed but additional information and features are being programmed.

10 Dates: Created and Opportunity Dates All contact views in Bullseye now display two dates for each person listed. Create date is the first time the individual’s contact record was created in our system(s). The Opportunity date is the most recent date the contact inquired about a United Country listing. Click the Column Heading “Create Date” or “Opportunity Date” to sort list chronologically or in reverse chronological order.

11 Print Contact We have added a “Print Contact Details” button to the contact information form for easier printing.

12 Group: Grouping Contacts in Bullseye Create Group Choose Contacts from Menu at Top of Screen Next Click Manage Groups from Navigation Menu on Left of Contact View (see screenshot on next page for guidance) Choose Contacts & Manage Groups Next Select NEW GROUP at top right of screen to create a group Type in Group Name & Click SAVE.

13 Add Individual Contact to a GROUP Click CONTACTS from menu at top Open Contact Record & Edit Icon at top left Click + next to Group Name to ADD CONTACT TO GROUP

14 Search for Contacts & Add to Group You can perform a contact search and add all returned results to a group you’ve created. Select CONTACTS from top center of Bullseye Menu Enter Search Criteria When Search Results are Returned, click Add Contacts to Group button A pop-up will appear, select the name of Group and click Add To Group

15 Virtual Postcard: To A Group of Contacts Choose LISTING from menu at the top of Bullseye Open the listing and scroll to the area with listing photos Click the VIRTUAL Postcard button

16 Choose the name of the group you wish to send the listing to Modify the Virtual postcard text or subject as desired When modifications are complete scroll to end and click SEND at bottom right

17 Email Attachments

18 If your session is inactive for more than 20 minutes, you will see your office name disappear and will need to log out OR you will be taken to the login page. Expired Session

Download ppt "Bullseye 2.1.3 Bullseye 2.1.3 was rolled out to our user base on Friday, January 30. I wanted to take this opportunity to give everyone an update on a."

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