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Vocations. What is a Vocation? “to call” “to summons” “to invite”

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1 Vocations

2 What is a Vocation? “to call” “to summons” “to invite” 2:42 4:41

3 In general, by birth: ALL people are “invited” (have a vocation) into a relationship with God It does not matter who we are, where we come from, what we believe, what we have done or not done, or how good we are God wants a healthy relationship with each of us

4 In Faith, by Baptism: We as Catholic Christian receive a particular vocation when we are Baptized Through Baptism we are called to become active members of Christ’s Church, the Body of Christ Through Baptism our identity changes and so does our goal in life- we are “called” to make Christ visible to others so they can be in relationship with Jesus too

5 What is a Charism? “a gift” By living out our vocation we receive the gift of salvation God gives us gifts (charisms) to help us with our vocation. These gifts are given to us for the good of the whole community, that is the church- The Body of Christ

6 Examples of Charisms Charisms are gifts such as… -talents, skills and special abilities They could be things like… -teaching, serving, healing, guiding We can have them naturally or grow in to them.

7 What is an Apostolate? Apostolate comes from the word Apostle, which means “to be sent” Apostolate is our mission or purpose in life Perhaps your mission is to raise a family, or a life of service to others, or a life of prayer, or to be a leader in your faith These are the primary ways we live out our Baptismal vocations as a member of the church

8 Types of Vocations: Lay Vocations Single life Married life Religious life Contemplative prayer Apostolic service Ordained Vocations Deacon/Servant Priest/Guide Bishop/Administrator

9 What is Discernment? “Being attentive to how God might be calling YOU!” Pay attention to your likes, dislikes and abilities Are you faithful to prayer or do your prefer hands-on activities? Are you attached to people or do you prefer to be more independent? 5:37

10 Vocation Culture Watch videos and write a meaningful description of the following vocations: Single life Married life Religious life Ordained life

11 Vocations Journal Read pages 163-184 in In Search of the Good Answer the Review Questions #1-5 on page 184 in your Journal

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