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1 Springtime in the Church?

2 Bubbling of new life and creativity + Agreement of policy and support + Appropriate resourcing = A new movement of mission?


4 Some Stories some examples

5 Changing Times

6 Changing Sundays... we need opportunities for worship on other days

7 Changing Relationships less about where we live more about networks churches need to relate to networks and areas

8 Changing Cultures The church used to be at the centre of a stable, single culture

9 Changing Cultures We are now at the edge of our culture… trying to get back to the centre….

10 Changing Cultures …but there are now lots of different cultures

11 Changing Cultures ….and everything keeps moving around…..

12 Changing Cultures God calls us to take the gospel to all of these different cultures and groups

13 Less knowledge of faith With every generation, people understand less about Christian faith……


15 Less knowledge of faith With every generation, people understand less about Christian faith…… The culture of church is a foreign land. …..we need churches for those who need to begin at the beginning.

16 From religion to spirituality 68% of people regard themselves as Christians 48% of population regard themselves as Anglican members or affiliates 84% of people want a religious funeral service 25% claim to go to church monthly

17 The Spiritual Search 38% of people admit to an awareness of the presence of God (27% in 1987) 37% admit to an awareness of receiving help in prayer (25% in 1987) 25% of people admit to an awareness of the presence of evil (12% in 1987)

18 Changing SundaysChurch at different times Changing relationships Church for different networks Changing cultures Church in different cultures Less knowledge of faith Church for beginners Deeper spiritual hunger Church for disconnected explorers fresh expressions of church

19 For discussion How do these changes affect your family, your community and your church? What other changes can you think of which are not mentioned here? What different cultural and social groups are you aware of? Are there already members of your church from these groups?

20 We believe...

21 In God Maker of heaven and earth Who loves the world and each person in the world Mission is finding out what God is doing and joining in….

22 In Jesus Christ Who became a man and lived among us Who went always to the edge and the lost Who went to where people are Who died and rose again

23 In the Holy Spirit God sends the Spirit in every generation to equip the church for mission The Spirit makes us restless and pushes us out The Spirit guides our journey The Spirit equips us for service and sharing faith The Spirit breathes life into fresh expressions

24 In the Church One Holy Catholic (for the whole world) Apostolic (founded on apostles teaching and sent) But exists in different forms in different places in worship, community, mission.

25 For discussion What do you think God is doing in your own community outside the church? What might we have to set aside to enter the culture of people beyond the churches? How is the Spirit making you restless to carry the gospel to new places?

26 Learning to be a Both-And Church

27 40/60

28 60% but from diverse cultures

29 The Challenge of the next Decade: Both-And

30 Both-And Continue to grow and develop the Church as it is Establish fresh expressions of church

31 Every Church Mission-Shaped… A welcoming and open community Ways for all ages to learn about faith Deep and relevant worship and preaching Inviting people to life changing discipleship and service

32 The Mixed Economy Church

33 Methodist Priorities 2004 In partnership with others wherever possible, The Methodist Church will concentrate its prayers, resources, imagination and commitments on this priority: To proclaim and affirm its conviction of Gods love in Christ, for us and for all the world; and renew confidence in Gods presence and action in the world and in the Church. As a way towards realising this priority, the Methodist Church will give particular attention to the following: Underpinning everything we do with God-centred worship and prayer Supporting community development and action for justices, especially among the most deprived and poor – in Britain and worldwide Developing confidence in evangelism and in the capacity to speak of God and faith in ways that make sense to all involved. Encouraging fresh ways of being Church Nurturing a culture in the Church which is people centred and flexible

34 Fresh Expressions Grounded in prayer….. Renewing Vision Gathering News Supporting Growth Developing Training …..excellence in communication

35 For discussion Do you agree with this both-and direction for the future? What can be done to make your own church more mission shaped? What needs to be done locally to put this both-and thinking into practice?

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