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A Community of Disciples

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1 A Community of Disciples
Chapter 1

2 A Community of Disciples
People of God = The Church People: from all times from all countries who believe in God who respond to Jesus’ call to be holy who respond to Jesus’ call to serve

3 How do we know that God exists?
The creation Human reason Not feeling alone in the world

4 We are made by God to live with God.
Therefore: we are religious by nature The Church is the means and goal of God’s plan

5 What does the word Church mean?
Ekklesia – Gr. Assembly Ecclesia – Lt. Convocations or assembly of people Kirche – Eng/Ger What belongs to the Lord How is this picture a good representation of the word Church?

6 Church in Christian usage –
People gathered for liturgy Liturgical assembly in a particular locale World-wide believers

7 Church is a community of disciples and a communion of saints.
We come to know God’s plan through the Church.

8 The Church is a community
Community – Lt for oneness Members are a community : In their faith in Jesus In allowing Jesus to work through them to better the world

9 “As a member of the Church through Baptism, you have the responsibility to have Jesus work through you as you work to bring justice to the world and peace to all people.” text pg 4

10 Your relationship with Jesus will determine your relationship to the Church

11 Images of the Church 1. The Body of Christ St Paul
Jesus is the head and we are the members of the body

12 2. Temple of the Holy Spirit
God dwells with his family in the Church Jesus is the cornerstone What is a cornerstone? We are the living stones

13 Jesus’ symbols of the Church
The Sheepfold Good Shepherd Lays His life down for the sheep Gate for sheep to come through

14 2. The vine and the branches
Jesus vine Members branches

15 3. The leaven Power of Jesus spreads throughout the whole world.
You are leaven and spread the goodness of Jesus

16 Marks of the Church 1. The Church is One One Lord One faith
One Baptism One Spirit

17 2. The Church is Holy God the Father – most Holy
Jesus gave life to make her holy Spirit is with Church and helps it to be holy Perfect holiness is constantly being acquired All members are sinners Proclaiming saints as the Holy Spirit’s power of holiness

18 3. The Church is Catholic Catholic – universal For all people
Speaks to all people People of all times Missionary – going out to all people

19 4. The Church is Apostolic
Built on the foundation of the Apostles Continues to be taught and guided by apostles’ successors: bishops, priests and pope Members share in the spreading of the Word

20 Blessed Mother Mary – Mother of the Church Mary – first disciple
Said yes to annunciation Gave birth to Jesus Thus, gave birth to the Church Title given during Vatican II Mary – first disciple

21 The Sanctifier – Holy Spirit - to make Holy
Spirit – formed the disciples into the community Guides community Guides each member Received Holy Spirit during Baptism Gives us strength to act as Jesus would act

22 “You become a sign of Jesus’ presence in the world by upholding the life and dignity of all people.”
Text pg 8

23 3. Bride of Christ Christ loved the Church so much that he died for her He constantly cares for her He joins the Church and himself with a covenant of love

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