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Building a Social Media Strategy for 2014 Carol O’Kelly Redstorm.

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1 Building a Social Media Strategy for 2014 Carol O’Kelly Redstorm

2 What is Social Media? NOT The Use of a Single Service Media Channel which is Socially Enabled


4 Content Marketing for SM What is Content? How do I get my Content in front of the right people? How can I re-purpose my Content? Content Editorial Calendar

5 Core SM Marketing Principles Not a One Way Conversation Create Content - Engage & Build Tribes Build Long Lasting SM Marketing Foundations Publish to multiple platforms - core content residing on your web/blog Create compelling “Multi-Media” Content - Youtube, Slideshare, Podcasts, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, blogs Sharing Buttons


7 Why Use Social Media Marketing? Immediacy of Brand Message Dynamic Content Networking on Steroids Makes Self Publishing Easy & Intuitive Enlists the Power of “World of Mouth” Facilitates Trust Free Platforms

8 “We don’t have a choice on whether we DO Social Media, the question is how WELL we do it” Erik Qualman Socialnomics

9 4 Step Social Media Program Create overall business goals, target audiences, specific message for each audience Create SMM strategy that supports your audience and marketing goals Implement tactics on multiple social media channels that set out to deliver these goals Measure your efforts

10 Platform Choices:

11 Who Are YOU Talking To? Are you B2B or B2C Main Audience Segment 1,2,3 Main Message for “Audience 1” January 2014

12 YouTube Engage with Video 30 secs People Do Business with People Youtube Capture Keywords – Get them in there!

13 Pinterest Separate Pinterest Personal and Business Accounts Use Tools to Help Piqora: For a more complete dashboard incl analytics & pin scheduling Pinstamatic: If you want your boards to be more fun and exciting Pinpuff: If you want to calculate your influence Repinly: Keep up to date with the most popular pins and boards Make your website “Pinnable” Check Pinterest Analytics regularly

14 Why Twitter? Develop and promote your brand Interact with your customer base Track what people are saying about company & brand Create buzz around upcoming events Promote dynamic content you’ve created, including webinars, blog posts or podcasts Develop direct relationships with bloggers and journalists for potential PR placement

15 Twitter Tips “Micro Blogging” Twitter Handle: @carolokelly @elegantcakes @aileenomearamedia Background Image – Personalise & Photograph Follow, Get Followed, Say Thanks Dynamic Content & Engage – Media Multiplies Uptake Drive Inbound Links to your site # Hashtag through the tweet vs at the end RT Retweet


17 Goals for Facebook Get found by people who are searching for your products or services Connect and engage with current and potential followers and customers Create a community around your business Promote the content you create including webinars, ebooks, blog articles, press releases, videos and photos. Generate leads and customers for your business!

18 FB Things to Consider Profile vs Business Page Short posts with images/video – 63% greater uptake! FB Landing Page Fan Only Content Advertising - suggested posts, sponsored posts Contests – through Contest app (specific guidelines)

19 Facebook Apps 1. Keep Customers in the Know - Sign up app Newsletter signup, publish status updates to tease newsletter content, direct your fans to the app where they can sign up to receive the full newsletter 2. Reach Customer Support Take these conversations off your public timeline 3. Make Appointments and Reservations 4. Promote Special Events and Occasions What’s new app, seasonal apps 5. Reward Fans Access to special deals with a “Facebook exclusive” app.

20 FB Best Practice Be interactive, fun and helpful Give people on Facebook a sneak peek at new releases Post interesting industry news Focus on engagement Don’t oversell Measure

21 LinkedIn Tour People do Business with People!

22 Personal Profile Photo Headline Position – now + 2 past Education Customised Websites Twitter Profile Vanity URL Make it Public

23 Headlines

24 Personalise It

25 Specialities

26 Personal Summary Section Who You Are Who You Serve How You Help Your Clients Lots of Key Words Stay Away from Industry Jargon Add Sections Make it Public Specialities Section – USE IT!

27 Brand Yourself Advertise your SM Profiles on Your Email Signature Use SM Plug-ins on Your Website Utilise “Update” Functionality Share Your Twitter Feed – Create or Join a LinkedIn Group Work Your (Targeted) LinkedIn Company Page

28 Company Pages Companies Page - Add a Company Welcome Message & Description, Industry, Location Post Company Status Updates – Target Products/Services – Keyword/Value Rich - Target Liquid Content – Video, Podcasts, Slideshare Delete a Page/ Change the Name – LinkedIn Internal

29 Build Your Network Search Your Email, Colleagues, Classmates Browse Networks of Your 1 st Degree Network – Connect with Personalised Message Use “Advanced Search” Join Groups That Your Target Market Joins Follow Your Network’s Updates & Contacts’ Interactions

30 Craft Your LinkedIn Strategy Touch up your profile at least monthly Join 25 Groups Get weekly digests for 5-10 Groups Spend 1 hr/wk involved in discussions of interest Send personalised connection invitations to people you meet in discussions Ask connections if they would like to connect by phone or Skype Every 3 months re-evaluate groups and digests

31 Social Media Strategy 1.Diversify Your Social Media Presence 2.Be Efficient & Organised – Editorial & Drop Calendars 3.Share Photo & Video Content 4.Revamp Your Content Marketing Strategy 5.Clear Goals & Measure!!! 6.Focus on SoLoMo – Social, Location & Mobile (Engage with customers in real time)

32 Thank You! Carol O’Kelly Redstorm Marketing m: 087 2476600 e:

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