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Establishing Your Social Media Presence

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1 Establishing Your Social Media Presence

2 Todays Speaker Anita Campbell Founder, Small Business Trends – –Community touching 250,000+ monthly Weekly Podcast interviews for 5 years Owns, a social sharing site @Smallbiztrends on Twitter Hi!

3 Social Media Leaps Online resource helping you kick off, improve your social media presence Explore: –Worksheets –Instructional guides Best of all: –60 day plan –5-minute leaps

4 Ready? Lets get it started!


6 How to Attract Followers Complete your profile Follow people Tweet regularly & get tools to help: –; to schedule tweets and delegate –RSStoTwitter Retweeting makes friends –RT @[name] –Twitter Retweet button Lists: set some up! Publicize: badges, widgets, email sigs

7 What if I Make a Faux Pas? Be you! –Can it be wrong if its your personality? Listen and converse The Mom Rule Business vs. personal account? Dont hard sell –Networking event, not advertisement As for the rest … dont be afraid

8 Using Twitter to Drive Traffic


10 The Power of Retweets Make original tweet short enough Most retweeted words include: –You –Twitter –Please –Retweet –Post –Blog –Free

11 Twitter To Do Complete profile; upload photo Put Twitter time on your calendar Follow at least 10 new people per day, for one week Tweet at least once/day for a week Retweet something of one of the people you follow, once per day Set up TweetBeep Alerts Evaluate a Twitter tool for efficiency


13 Facebook Fun Facts 700,000+ …. local businesses have active Fan Pages on Facebook 3.5 Billion … pieces of content shared on Facebook each week 55-65 year-old females … are fastest growing segment on Facebook

14 Profiles, Pages, Groups – Oh My! 3 Types of Presence: –Personal profile –Business fan page –Group

15 Keep it Fresh! - Content Automated feeds –Twitter: –Blog: Social RSS app Manual updates –Share photos and videos –Share links – for easy updating

16 Network! Visit pages and comment on Walls Share links and events Tag people with @ symbol Add friends; invite fans Become fans; favorite business pages Join groups Consider advertising The more you do, the more you get

17 Facebook To Do Complete profile/page; upload photo/logo Put Facebook time on your calendar Friend or invite to be fans, at least 10 people per day, for one week Write on your wall Consider setting up automated feeds (if you decide to go that way) Write 2 comments per day on walls of friends/fans


19 LinkedIn Numbers 55 Million …. are members of LinkedIn All 500 … of the Fortune 500 are represented in LinkedIn $195 … is the cost to run one job ad on LinkedIn

20 What to Use LinkedIn For Employee recruitment & job hunting (professionals & mgmt) Sales research Finding/checking out business partners Networking Sharing expertise

21 LinkedIn To Do Complete Personal Profile Add connections: –address book upload –manual Add content – manual updates or feeds Ask and answer – LinkedIn Answers Create company page Display/promote badge for profile

22 Questions? Anita Campbell @Smallbiztrends ???

23 For More Information

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