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Type the address harding

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1 Type the address http://hushares. harding
Type the address into your web browser, enter your username and password, navigate the semester/part-of-term/department folders and then click the “Get” button next to the class you want.

2 Click the “Save” button.

3 Save the file to your desktop.

4 Click the “Close” button
Click the “Close” button. Repeat this process until you have gotten all your roster files saved to your desktop.

5 Next log into Google Apps e-mail and click the “Contacts” link.

6 Then click the Import link.

7 Click the Browse button.

8 Double-click a roster file.

9 Click the box to add the imported contacts to a new group and then click the import button.

10 Fill in the pop-up box with the name for your new group.

11 When the import finishes, click on your new group.

12 Click the Select All link and then the e-mail link.

13 All that’s left is to type your e-mail message and send it. 

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