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How to post to Wordpress Chruton Budd. Click on the Login link.

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1 How to post to Wordpress Chruton Budd

2 Click on the Login link

3 1) Enter your username (it is case sensitive) 2) Then enter your password 3) Click Login Check the remember me tab and a cookie will be left on your browser so you won’t have to log in again until you delete your cookies

4 Dashboard & Admin Menu

5 Click on File Manager to go to the Web Based tool to upload files to the Media directory on the Blog

6 File listing of what's in the directory Rename Save to your PC Delete File

7 Click on the UPLOAD FILE icon to choose a file on your computer to send to the Blog Server

8 1) Click BROWSE 2) And a file dialog box opens. Navigate through your files to find the directory and file you want to upload Highlight your filename and click open to choose it 3) Click Upload

9 After clicking upload Let the browser stay on the page until it finishes the upload –Long uploads take time – especially over slow network connections You will be returned to the list of files when it is done Your ½ way there !!!

10 Your file is on the Blog Server You have now uploaded a file through your web browser to the Blog server. The file is now sitting in a directory on the server called MEDIA. Now you need to create a post on the blog that links to your file so people can get to it. You will need to create a Hypertext link in that post that points to your file

11 From the Admin menu, click on WRITE to go to the post main page

12 1) Enter a title for your post 2) Edit the text

13 Now create a hyperlink 1) Highlight your text by clicking at the beginning and holding the mouse down and dragging to the end 2) Click on the LINK icon. It may also look like This will help you make the hyperlink to the file for people to click on

14 1) Enter the web address of the file that you just uploaded into the URL (Universal Reference Locator) – fancy name for saying the web address 2) You usually should open something like a powerpoint or other web site in a NEW window (otherwise if you open it in the SAME window, people leave your site and go to it and may not get back to your site easily. It’s a good idea to change this potion to “Open link in new window” before you click INSERT to create your link 3) Click INSTERT to create your link

15 What just happened here? You created a link to your powerpoint presentation that you previously uploaded. When you save this blog message, the end user will see the link Your link points to:

16 So, when you upload a file you upload it to a file area on the blog site called MEDIA This points to the web directory of – Your filename was powerpoint.ppt So to create a link in the media directory you use the address: –

17 Movie and Sound files If your going to add a movie or sound file, then there is a better way to link to them which gives the end reader a better interface to view them (ie: the movie box or MP3 player which is part of the PODPRESS plugin). In this case instead of creating a link, you will use the ADD MEDIA FILE button under the blog post editor.

18 1) If you click on the ADD MEDIA FILE button under the post editor You’ll get the media file add dialog 2) Enter just the filename of the file you uploaded here. The blog assumes you put the file in the MEDIA directory 3) Click AUTODETECT size - if the blog cant figure the size you may have given the wrong filename

19 Click the PUBLISH button to save your blog message as well as the file you have either hyperlinked or uploaded. Congratulations, you have posted your first blog post with file hyperlinked or attached. Now go back to view the blog and make sure everything looks right. Click on your link to make sure you get your hyperlinked file or embedded media file as you think you should. If not, go back through these steps again.

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