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Privacy: Facebook, Twitter

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1 Privacy: Facebook, Twitter
Fatima Begum

2 Introduction What is a social network?
“A website where one connects with those sharing personal or professional interests, place of origin, education at a particular school.” Facebook Social networking site founded in 2004 that allows users to build virtual relationships. Twitter Micro-blogging site founded in 2006 that allows users to tweet messages

3 Some Statistics Social media is the #1 activity on the Web Facebook
Over 600 million active users More than 1.5 million pieces of content daily Most visited website Twitter: 190 million users 65 million tweets a day 2-3 new accounts every second

4 Privacy Concerns: Facebook
Profile public by default Who’s viewing your profile? Information sent to third party apps Personal information shared with advertisers Search result integration

5 Privacy Concerns: Twitter
All tweets are public Do you know your followers? Tweets are indexed by search engines Public tweets are archived in LOC Changing account privacy affects future tweets only

6 Stole 250,000 Facebook profiles
Profiles contain names, photos, and locations Users can ask to remove profile

7 Social network aggregator
Displays detailed profiles that are accessible to all Users can ask to remove profile

8 Protect Your Privacy on Facebook
Use Friends Lists Modify Search results Remove yourself from Google search Protect photo albums Do not reply or poke unknown people Don’t post info about others without consent

9 Protect Your Privacy on Twitter
Protect your tweets Control who is following you Avoid disclosing your location Use common sense Good tweet: “Off to visit a close friend. I’m excited.” Bad tweet: “Off for my weekly session with my prostitute. I’m excited.”

10 Points to Remember Facebook and Twitter generate business through user accounts. They want us to share as much information with them as possible. No site is a 100% secure. Private profiles and tweets can be exposed in privacy breaches or hacks. YOU are responsible for what you post!

11 Thank you for your time!

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