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Twitter Presented by: Keystone Computer Concepts.

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1 Twitter Presented by: Keystone Computer Concepts

2 What is Twitter? Twitter is a fast-paced Social Media site/program where you communicate with people you follow and who follow you.

3 Ways to Access Twitter Web browser Smart Phone Specialized Software such as TweetDeck


5 Terms TWEET – A message sent in Twitter – containing 140 characters or less.

6 Terms FOLLOW – In Twitter, you “follow” others and that allows you to read all of their tweets. If they desire, however, they can “block” you.

7 Terms @REPLY – A tweet which is sent in reply to someone else’s tweet. While a normal tweet is aimed at all of the people who follow you (and even those who don’t) a reply tweet is aimed at the person who originated the tweet.

8 Terms DM – DM stands for Direct Message. You can only send a direct message to someone if they are following you.

9 Privacy Settings




13 Profiles

14 Unlike Facebook and some other Social Media sites, your home page doesn’t play as an important role in your social media experience.

15 Profiles However, you definitely show tell something about yourself and give a valid link to any website which would tell more about you.

16 Demos

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