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HIA: Adding Value to Planning Welsh Health Impact Assessment Support Unit Liz Green HIA Development Officer.

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1 HIA: Adding Value to Planning Welsh Health Impact Assessment Support Unit Liz Green HIA Development Officer

2 Political Context Devolved Government Emphasis on: Health and wellbeing Addressing inequalities within population Sustainable Development Citizen centred public services Partnership working Integrated agenda

3 Drivers for HIA in Planning Wales: A Better Country Development of Welsh Public Health Strategic Framework – CMO advocate of HIA Making the Connections Consideration of Health in All Policies SEA/EIA - consideration of ‘human health’ and ‘population health’ DMIPPS02/2006 – Planning, Health and Well- being’

4 Planning Context Draft Ministerial Interim Planning Policy Statement (MIPPS02/2006). Guidance for Planners: highlights the importance of ‘local planning authorities assessing health and well-being impacts when determining planning applications and preparing development plans’.

5 Local Development Plans The Local Development Plan (LDP) is a key strategic document which sets out the framework for land use planning and allocation in a Welsh Local Authority between 2006 and 2021.

6 Case Study: Wrexham Sustainability Appraisal of the Key Issues and Strategy Options (December 2006) recommended … a Health Impact Appraisal needed on the LDP.

7 The HIA Added Value to : The Plan The Process People Policy

8 Plan 'The practical range of the recommendations by the HIA raised plenty of questions and issues to be considered as we deliver our vision of what Wrexham will look like in the future'. Phil Walton, Strategic Director for Health, Well Being and Sustainability

9  Positive and negative impacts and gaps identified – tied in to 3 SEA priority areas  Key recommendations led to SEA amendments  Raised awareness of health and wellbeing for the Borough  Highlighted inequality and social issues  Emphasised stronger collaborative ties

10 Process 'The process was lively and enjoyable, and enabled non-health professionals to discuss how we integrate the need for improving health and well being with developing sustainable communities, and develop a shared way forward. The HIA has also been used to inform the ongoing Strategic Environmental Assessment of the LDP. Michael Cantwell, sustainable development officer

11 People 'The rapid Health Impact Appraisal brought planners and key health stakeholders from all sides of the community together in a room, to work through a constructive dialogue about what the future development requirements of Wrexham should be, and how this could be delivered through the Local Development Plan. The format was very effective at quickly getting to the heart of the issues ' Clive Nicholas, Planning Policy Manager

12 Policy ‘ I felt that the workshop made people think outside the ‘box’ and appreciate the likely impacts of the LDP’ ‘Workshop highlighted issues that would not normally have been seen as significant from the perspective of my service area’ Participants, LDP HIA workshop

13 Outcomes Development of services for local needs - identified impacts that had not been recognised Addressed specific vulnerable groups and health inequalities Made people ‘think out of the box’ and away from ‘silo mentalities’ Informed decision making process and has led to amendments to the emerging LDP Strengthened partnership working – both externally and internally to the LA Democratic and open engagement for community and the organisation

14 Opportunities for future Findings published – LA continues to raise awareness of health and wellbeing with elected members and key stakeholders Undertake more HIA’s within Planning and other traditional ‘non-health’ sectors National level – Public Health Strategic Framework for Wales, Wales Transport Plan, Wales Waste Strategy Local level – WelTAG and Road Improvement Schemes, housing schemes

15 Success for HIA Political will Shown HIA ‘do-able’ Builds capacity and raises awareness of HIA Converts traditionally ‘non-health’ policy areas Research and evaluation for the future

16 Welsh Health Impact Assessment Support Unit

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