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West Sussex Health and Wellbeing Board

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1 West Sussex Health and Wellbeing Board
Mrs Christine Field, Chairman (West Sussex County Council, Cabinet Member for Community Wellbeing & Deputy Leader)

2 What are Health & Wellbeing Boards?
Established by the Health and Social Care Act 2012 in each top tier/unitary authority A forum for key leaders from the health and care system to work together to improve the health and wellbeing of their local population and reduce health inequalities A key part of plans to modernise the NHS, transform health and social care and integrate services to improve outcomes for residents

3 What do they do? Strategic influence over local commissioning of health, social care and public health Strengthen democratic legitimacy A forum for challenge, discussion and local involvement Develop a shared understanding of local health and wellbeing needs and a joint strategy to address these Create a more effective and responsive local health and care system Address other services that impact on health and wellbeing (e.g. housing, education)

4 About the West Sussex HWB
Set up in shadow form in 2012, and has been in its full/formal form since April 2013 Meets in public four times a year – at venues across West Sussex Chairman – Christine Field, WSCC; Vice Chairman – Dr Minesh Patel (Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG) Membership drawn from WSCC (6), CCGs (7), NHS England (1), District/Borough Councils (2), Healthwatch (1) and the voluntary sector (2)

5 Strategy and Plans

6 Developing the Board

7 What have we changed? Membership reviewed: WSCC membership reduced from 9 to 6, NHSE reduced to 1, CCG increased from 3 to 7 Communication and engagement strategy being developed More informal working (e.g. workshops for Board Members)

8 Engagement Plans Establish a Communication & Engagement Network (lead officers HWB member organisations) More formal links with NHS provider forums Develop stronger links with district/borough-based health and wellbeing partnerships Develop a mechanism for voluntary & community sector engagement Newsletter and Stakeholder forums

9 Transformation of health & social care
Integration of health and social care to deliver better services for the population Transforming local services so that people are provided with better integrated care and support, including through a significant expansion of care in community settings Underpinned by the “Better Care Fund” - a new single, shared budget between health and social care

10 Some Challenges Ensuring collaborative working across health and social care – joining up and not duplicating Understanding each other’s financial constraints Understanding roles/responsibilities in the new structure (both new and continuing organisations) Achieving integration and service transformation How to ensure Health and Wellbeing Boards are seen to deliver real outcomes and focus on the issues that matter Managing service reconfigurations – locally and regionally

11 Questions/Discussion
How does this fit with/reflect your aspirations? How can we work better together?

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