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Community engagement Implementing NICE guidance 2008 NICE public health guidance 9.

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1 Community engagement Implementing NICE guidance 2008 NICE public health guidance 9

2 What this presentation covers Recommendations Costs and savings Discussion Where to find out more

3 Prerequisites: policy development Plan, design and coordinate activities that incorporate a community involvement component Take account of existing community activities, past experiences and issues raised by the communities

4 Prerequisites: long-term investment Agree aims and state the intended outcomes of community engagement activities Set realistic timescales Identify funding and plan activities accordingly Build on past experiences Ensure evaluation mechanisms are in place

5 Prerequisites: organisational and cultural change Identify how the culture of public sector organisations supports or prevents community engagement Use the skills and knowledge of community members Manage conflicts between communities and the agencies that serve them Encourage communities to express their views Give weight (and respond) to those views

6 Prerequisites: levels of engagement and power Make everyone aware of the benefits of community involvement Let community members decide how willing and able they are to participate Negotiate and agree how power will be distributed Recognise local diversity Jointly agree ways of working

7 Prerequisites: mutual trust and respect Assess the broad and specific health needs of the community Tailor the approach used Negotiate and agree how much control and influence community members will have and the commitment required Keep communities updated on progress

8 Infrastructure: training and resources Develop and build on the local communitys strengths and assets Provide training for those working with communities Provide accessible meeting spaces and equipment Provide opportunities and resources for networking Train individuals from the community to act as mentors

9 Infrastructure: partnership working Develop statements of partnership working for all those involved in activities to improve health or to address the social determinants of health.

10 Infrastructure: area-based initiatives Give community groups the power to influence decisions. Provide the necessary resources.

11 Approaches: community members as agents of change Recruit local individuals and groups (or use existing groups) to plan, design and deliver activities to improve health Use mechanisms such as tenant-controlled organisations, estate housing associations, housing boards and committees, as well as working with neighbourhood managers and renewal advisers to ensure the communitys views are heard

12 Approaches: community workshops Run community workshops (co-managed by professionals and community members in local venues) to: identify local needs maintain a high level of local participation in health promotion activities

13 Approaches: resident consultancy Draw on the skills and experience of individuals and groups with previous experience of regeneration activities

14 Evaluation Identify and agree the aims of evaluation with members of the target community Involve them in the planning, design and, where appropriate, implementation of an evaluation framework

15 Costs and savings The guidance is unlikely to result in a significant shift in the use of NHS resources. However, recommendations on the following may result in additional costs: training and development employing agents of change, either paid or voluntary evaluation of community engagement activities

16 Discussion How can we integrate community engagement into policy? How can we met the prerequisites for effective community engagement and do we have the infrastructure in place? What funding is needed? What training and development is needed?

17 Find out more Visit Other guidance formats Costing statement Implementation support tools

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