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Carbon Lite Cardiff A response to the challenges of climate change Julian Stedman September 2009.

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1 Carbon Lite Cardiff A response to the challenges of climate change Julian Stedman September 2009

2 Why carbon lite? Current climate predictions are potentially catastrophic: Global issue affecting all communities Environmental, social and economic impacts Key priority for governments at all levels: –UK Kyoto commitments, WAG, LA’s We need to act now: –Stern Review on economics of climate change –Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change report Copenhagen June 2009: Local government to provide leadership in the local situation – to contribute to International Summit in December

3 The Council’s responsibilities Community leadership: Political and policy direction Engaging with debate on strategic issues Leading by example: –Commitment – expressed and targets set –Managing our own buildings and assets –Championing good practice Facilitating Action: –Carbon Lite Group –Promotion of issues/awareness raising

4 Cardiff’s commitment Signed Welsh Declaration on Climate Change in 2006 Further commitments in Community Strategy, Corporate Plan and Sustainable Development Action Programme Aspiration to become a ‘Carbon Lite City’ Develop a Climate Change Action Plan in partnership with stakeholders – mitigation and adaptation measures Carbon Lite working group established

5 Carbon Lite Working Group Internal and external members Established to progress climate change action across the city Reports back to Community Strategy Vision Forum and Panel of senior members/officers Initial branding for Carbon Lite Cardiff, fits in with WAG campaign Internal awareness raising campaign started

6 Local Authority Carbon Management Programme – Council mitigation – 60% CO2 reduction by 2018 Changing Climate, Changing Places – Council adaptation – WLGA led with UKCIP Other Council action includes: -Local Development Plan -Sustainable Travel City -Affordable Warmth and HECA -Waste Management -Cardiff Partnering Scheme INTERNALEXTERNAL Community Strategy Vision Forum engagement Community development work: Transition Towns, Low Carbon Communities (WAG pilot project) Awareness raising Carbon Lite Working Group International links – CAAC partnership Carbon Lite Cardiff Action Plan – March 2010 Carbon Trading Councils pilot – Council mitigation

7 Changing Climate, Changing Places 3 year adaptation project (started spring 2008) Cardiff, RCT, Gwynedd, Flintshire pilot LA’s Partners include: WLGA, EAW, CCW, UK Climate Impacts Programme, Science Shop Wales Local Climate Impacts Profile (LCLIP) Business Areas Impact Assessment Tool (BACLIAT) – mapping out impacts to services Risk, Uncertainty and decision making tool – risk assess impacts Cost impact tool – cost impacts Adaptation wizard and action plan – to sit alongside established LACMP

8 Carbon Management Programme Target of 60% reduction in CO 2 by 2018 (on 2005/06 baseline) – mitigation project Work to date includes: Partnership with Carbon Trust Wales Includes Council buildings (schools included, Council housing excluded), street lighting and municipal waste Monitoring - automatic meter readings Public building insulation programme Heating controls strategy Low carbon design standard Salix energy fund

9 Strategic Planning Local Development Plan (LDP) and related guidance in preparation Commitments to: –Reduce carbon emissions in meeting the need for new development over the plan period –Sustainable design that is adaptable to changing requirements –Renewable energy and energy efficiency targets Working with WAG to progress sustainable design and construction and related Technical Advice Notes

10 Housing and advice Cardiff Partnering Scheme Affordable Warmth Strategy launched 2006 SLA with SE Wales Energy Agency –Advice surgeries, workshops, stalls and events –Dedicated enquiry line Energy Kids project – awareness raising with SEWEA staff and school children

11 Sustainable Transport Cardiff Transport Strategy highlights: Active travel: –Walking Strategy –Cycling Strategy and city Cycling Map –Active Travel Working Group Travel plans and awareness raising: –Key Council offices Travel Plans and draft Travel Planning Strategy –Journey Sharing Scheme –Bus network improvements and Park and Ride schemes Cardiff: Wales first sustainable travel town WAG/CC funding for: –free cycle hire; bus travel around the city centre; Walking and cycling routes; park and ride facilities; and car clubs

12 Conclusions Step change needed in all sectors of economy WAG sustainable targets set for Wales following UK Climate Change Bill –80% reduction by 2050 Cardiff progressing Carbon Lite Agenda Local targets need to be set and closely monitored Everyone involved in response to the challenge –lifestyle choices How can the Faith Community be involved? Industry and Commercial 48% Road Transport 20% Domestic 32% Cardiff’s Carbon Emissions

13 Any Questions?

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