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Australia Michal Matoušek, C3B. −south of Asia −continent −country −island −southern hemisphere.

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1 Australia Michal Matoušek, C3B

2 −south of Asia −continent −country −island −southern hemisphere

3 −Captain James Cook −1770 −Sydney in New South Wales −King of England −prisoners from Britain −1851 −300 km west of Sydney −fortunes −bushrangers History

4 −natives −thousands of years −16 th century −southern Asia −art lovers Aborigines

5 −official emblem −George V −six states −kangaroo −emu −wattle −Union Jack −link with Britain −six States and Territories −night sky

6 Capitol Hill Canberra Fountain −capital of Australia −young city −310,000 people Canberra

7 −capital of New South Wales −industrial city −3,700,000 people The Harbour Bridge Sydney AMP Tower Opera House Sydney

8 −capital of Victoria −the most livable city −3.200.000 people Melbourne Bridge Old House Melbourne

9 −capital of Queensland −year-round vacation place −1,400,000 people Brisbane Bridge Brisbane Skyscrapers Brisbane Brisbane

10 −capital of South Australia −industrial city −1,100,000 people Victoria Square Fountain Gold Beach Adelaide Adelaide

11 −capital of Western Australia −climate −1.200.000 people King’s Park Perth Skyscrapers Perth

12 −capital of Tasmania −very cold winters −200,000 people Bay of Fires Coles Bay Remarkable Cave Hobart - Tasmania

13 Warumbungle NP Crowdy Bay NP Cockatoo NP National parks

14 −largest coral reef −east coast of Queensland −2900 reefs Great Barrier Reef

15 ─ OFFICIAL NAME : Commonwealth of Australia ─ CAPITAL: Canberra ─ TOTAL AREA: 7,700,000 ─ POPULATION: 20 million people ─ LANGUAGE: english ─ HEAD OF STATE: Queen Elizabeth II represented by Governor-General ─ FORM OF GVERNMENT: Constitutional monarchy ─ PORTS: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane ─ LONGEST RIVER: the Darling (2,740 km) ─ HIGHEST POINT: Mount Kosciusko (2,230 m) ─ NATURAL RESOURCES: coal, zink, nickel, gold, wool ─ NATIONAL HOLIDAY: Australian Day, 16 January (1788) ─ MONEY: basic unit – Australian dollar ─ NATIONAL SYMBOLS: Kangaroo and Emu ─ NATIONAL ANTHEM: “Waltzing Matilda” Some facts

16 BritishAustralian barbecuebarbie kangarooroo mosquitomozzie chickenchook candylollie slippersthongs TVtellie girlsheila formyear sheepjumbuck cinema cinema pictures pictures postboxletterbox trainersrunners freeway main road


18 Thank you for your attention

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