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AUSTRALIA Veronika Čujová 2.C Juraj Podolinský 2.C.

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1 AUSTRALIA Veronika Čujová 2.C Juraj Podolinský 2.C

2 History 1606- first ship and its crew reached the Australian coast (Willem Janszoon, Dutchman) James Cook – charted the Australian East coast and called it New South Wales (included East coast of Australia and New Zeland) 26th of January – „Australia Day“ (Sydney was founded – 1788) Big prison for criminals (1788-1823) 1901 - the Commonwealth of Australia

3 Aborigines The oldest living cultural history in the world (40,000 years, 250 languages) Different culutre, lifestyle... Living in harmony with the nature Not integrated into Australian society Still live in tribal communities Feed with hunting or harvesting the crops

4 Smallest, flattest continent but the biggest island Only nation covering a whole continent Same size as the USA The most of citizens live at the coast Unique natural scenery All of the worlds temeprature zones Facts about Australia

5 Six states: New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia Two major mainland territories – The Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Constitutional monarchy (Queen of Australia – Queen Elizabeth II.) Sydney Canberra Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Hobart Darwin

6 Official: Flag Coat of Arms National Anthem (Advance Australia Fair) National colours (green and gold) National Floral Emblem (Golden Wattle-Acacia pycnantha) National Gemstone (Opal) Symbols

7 Unofficial: National animal – Red Kangaroo National bird – Emu Australian Icons: Sydney Opera House Uluru (Ayers Rock) Akubra Hat

8 Rich fauna and flora Unique animal and plant species Underwater world – high biodiversity, 4,000 kinds of fish 800 kinds of birds (400 of them are unique types) Koala Dingo Kangaroo Wombat Platypus

9 The largest system of coral reefs and islands on the Earth 2,000 km (can be seen from the space) Consists of about 3,000 coral reefs, islands, islets and lagoons In 1981 was included in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Great Barrier Reef

10 Economy Well-developed economy, high living standard Important is the service sector, metallurgy and agriculture Rich natural resources of coal, uranium (export)

11 Population About 22 milion people 95 % British or Irish origin The most of people live in big cities No official state religion - predominantly Christian country (64%)

12 National language – English Slang – widespread, popular Also known as „Strine“ – rich, colourful Their slang is about their lucky attitude towards life (favourite slang word: „G day“)

13 Festivals and events The most popular festivals: Melbourne International Film Festival Perth International Arts Festival Big Day Out (the biggest summer festival) Henley-on-Todd Regatta (Alice Springs) Canberra Ballon Festival Henley-on-Todd Regatta

14 Sport Australia seems to be the sports and outdoor activities capital of the world („The Aussie national religion“) The most popular spectator sports: Rugby Union, Rugby League, Australia Rules football Favourite: cricket, golf, tennis, soccer, hockey

15 Beach culture Australia has some of the most wonderful beaches in the world (10,685) All are public and for everyone The first surf life-saving club ine the world (saved more than 530,000 lives)

16 Thanks for listening Sources: the Internet, English magazines

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