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Australia land on the south Tereza Frýbortová, V8A.

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1 Australia land on the south Tereza Frýbortová, V8A

2 Content Basic information Government History Geography Fauna and Flora Places of interests State symbols Australian cuisine

3 Basic information The Commonwealth of Australia Continent + islands 6 th largest country Southern hemisphere Canberra 22 620 700 English

4 Government Constitutional monarchy Queen Elisabeth II.

5 History Original inhabitants – Aborigines Dutch sailors (1606) – Cape York Abel Tasman (1642) – Tasmania James Cook (1770) – New South Wales Prison by Great Britain 19 th century (50s) – Gold Rush „Eureka Stockade” – colonization of Australia Independent since 1901 (British dominion)

6 Geography 7 687 000 km 2 Pacific ocean, Southern ocean, Indian ocean Mt. Kosciuszko (2228 m) Six states (New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia) Two territories (Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory Deserts (Great Victoria Desert, Gibson Desert, Great Sandy Desert) Australian Alps, Great Dividing Range, Grey Range Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin, Alice Springs

7 Fauna and Flora Different from the other parts of the world Mostly endemic Koala, kangaroo, wombat, possum, Tasmanian devil Eucalyptus, acacia

8 Places of interests Great Barrier Reef  the biggest coral reef in the world  clearly visible from the Moon Ayers Rock  UNESCO  Scared ground Sydney  The biggest Australian city  Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge

9 State Symbols Flag (Union Jack, Southern cross, Federation star) Anthem – Advance Australia Fair (1984)  Coat of arms of Australia  An emblem with badges of 6 states

10 Australian cuisine „fusion food“ meat pie Chicko rolls Surf’n’Turf kangaroo, emu and crocodile meat

11 sources a-zemepisny-popis a-zemepisny-popis australie australie 30. 11. 2014

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