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Agenda Challenges in production environments. MicroPress solution. MicroPress value. What’s new?

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2 Agenda Challenges in production environments. MicroPress solution. MicroPress value. What’s new?

3 Challenges in Production Environments Customers have asked us for workflow- management solutions that: Maximize the productivity of print engines. Automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Achieve accurate and consistent color. Optimize document make-ready process. Meet demanding turnaround times.

4 What Is MicroPress? Production digital workflow solution that supports color plus black-and-white print output. Robust workflow and make-ready capabilities include: Support for single or multiple engines. Advanced job management. Sophisticated color management. Dynamic subset finishing. Remote editing capability. Import and manipulate native file formats. Time saving, job splitting and load balancing.

5 A Scalable, Powerful Workflow Solution MicroPress efficiently addresses the needs of the mid- to high-volume print-on-demand market. MicroPressSOLO Connects a single B&W or a single color engine.MicroPressPLUS Best suited for B&W and color-centric configurations with 4 engines or less. MicroPressMAX Works best for B&W and color-centric configurations requiring higher processing power.MicroPress MAX ENTERPRISE Ideal for B&W and color- centric configurations in a server environment.

6 Where to Use MicroPress Products


8 The MicroPress Value Tap into new markets with advanced color and black-and-white capabilities. Eliminate prepress bottlenecks and streamline workflows. Remove guesswork, deliver results and maximize productivity. Control costs and protect investments.

9 Provide solutions for color plus black-and-white environments. Increase profits with new print capabilities. Integrate with EFI™ Digital Storefront ®. Woman’s Fashion Men’s Fashion Electronics Tap into New Markets with Advanced Color and Black-and-White Capabilities

10 Enjoy faster processing power. Add more capacity as needed. Mange workflow from a single user interface. Use job splitting and load balancing for faster turnaround time. Eliminate Prepress Bottlenecks and Streamline Workflows

11 Automate complex, multi-step workflows. Simplify the creation of complex documents. Interface with an interactive visual workspace. Remove Guesswork, Deliver Results and Maximize Productivity

12 Scalable solution to add printer support as business grows. Connectivity to multiple engines to maximize investment. Powerful options to meet all throughput requirements. Control Costs and Protect Investments

13 How Does MicroPress Work?


15 What’s New in MicroPress 8.2? Productivity Faster processing for files including Adobe® PostScript® Xobjects in PDF files. Usability TrueEdit enhancements. Duplicate and copy job features. MicroScript enhancements. Unique RIP identification. Platform Specifications Windows® Server 2008, 64-bit OS for Max Enterprise server. Hard disk drive upgraded to 250gb for Solo and Plus configurations.

16 TrueEdit Enhancements Automated bleed-edge tabs Automatically applies bleed-edge tab settings to all pages in the chapter, incrementing the tab position for each successive chapter. Saves time and avoids mistakes when applying manually.

17 TrueEdit Enhancements More control over brightness and contrast Adjusts brightness and contrast at job and page level. For color engines and half-tone black-and-white engines only. Greater control over the output.

18 Duplicate and Copy Jobs Select one or more jobs to make a duplicate or a copy. Access through configured right-click or job menu option. Use copy feature to make a duplicate of the job and move it to another virtual engine.

19 MicroScript Enhancements Enhanced Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for better process oriented usability Expanded access to more APIs for additional automation and control. More settings at the operator's fingertips that don't require knowledge of Visual Basic scripting. Provides an intuitive way to group and link job actions together. Automates common tasks to eliminate manual steps and errors.

20 Unique RIP Identification Distinguish between multiple RIPs running at the same time. Offer increased efficiency to users during server set-up and configuration.

21 Conquer Your Business Opportunities with EFI MicroPress 8.2 Automate Operations Produce more jobs with less manual work. Maximize Profits Get more out of your investment. Achieve optimum throughput. Achieve Efficiency Make complex jobs easy.


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