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Transform your desktop with virtualization. 22 Agenda Evolution of VDI VDI Solution VDI Use Cases Questions & Answers.

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1 Transform your desktop with virtualization

2 22 Agenda Evolution of VDI VDI Solution VDI Use Cases Questions & Answers

3 33 Driving Change

4 44 Enterprise App Operating System Virtualization Virtualization decouples software from hardware. How Does Virtualization Help?

5 55 Run several operating systems on a single machine. Virtualization: Transformed IT in the Datacenter Create shared pools of resources to optimize your infrastructure.

6 66 Apply Virtualization to the Desktop Transform the desktop OS and apps are decoupled from the physical device Desktops run as virtual machines in secure data center Transform static desktop to a stateless virtual desktop Connect to virtual desktop from thick or thin clients

7 77 Typical VDI Solution An end-to-end desktop virtualization solution that delivers enterprise-class desktop control and manageability while providing a familiar user experience

8 88 That Meets the Challenges Challenges PC Management is time consuming & inefficient Desktop Operating Costs are High Low End User Service Level Agreement (SLA) levels Security and Compliance Risks VDI Impact Streamlined & simplified desktop management Reduced Desktop maintenance & support costs Improved End User SLAs & Desktop Business Continuity Improved Security and Compliance

9 99 VMware VDI Solution Desktop HW Refresh OS Migration (VISTA) Protect IP/Maintain Compliance Mergers and Acquisitions Alternative Workspace Ideal Time to Deploy VDI

10 10 Powerful, Mature and Proven Deployed in 100% of Fortune 100 Over 20,000 customers worldwide Extend powerful data center capabilities to the desktop: Business Continuity/DR (HA, DRS, VMotion) Simplify backups and disaster recovery Scalable Complete solution from one vendor Built on VI3: A Proven Platform

11 11 Connection Broker Desktop Management Server Intuitive Web-based interface Integrates with existing infrastructure Rapidly provision and deploy desktops Built in security Scalable for any size organization Connect using thick or thin clients

12 12 Connection Broker: Deploying Desktops Individual Desktops User gets dedicated desktop User is manually associated with a virtual desktop through an Administrator User is connected to same desktop on subsequent connections Ideal power users or specific configurations

13 13 Connection Broker: Deploying Desktops Non-Persistent Pools Common template used to create all desktops Individual isolated desktops returned to pool after each use Reverts to pre-determined state for future use Ideal for kiosks, transaction workers or hoteling

14 14 Connection Broker: Deploying Desktops Persistent Pools Common template used to create all desktops Individual desktops assigned to user on first log-in Desktop remains associated with the user on subsequent logins Ideal for new deployments, new employees, or to re- standardize desktop images

15 15 Connection Broker Automated provisioning and desktop management SSL encryption of connections, Secure Single Sign-On USB redirection (Supports Local printers, storage, etc) Active Directory and SecurID integration High availability and scalable DMZ deployment option Windows, Linux, Thin Client support Integrated with VMware VI3

16 16 How Customers Use VDI Centralize or Desktop Replacement Replace traditional PCs with centralized virtual desktops for better control and efficient management. End users have flexibility Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Provide continuous availability of desktops to end users by making high availability and disaster recovery solutions more cost-effective, simpler, and more reliable. Transactional Office Workers or Developers Eliminate the need for moves, adds or changes for call centers. Allow in house developers access to workspace while keeping IP safe in data center.

17 17 Business challenges Time to market adding desktops for new customers Desktop tasks were time-consuming Technical solution VMware VDI deployment using Wyse thin clients to access virtual desktops Why VMware VDI Easier administration of desktops from a central location Reduced time to add new PC to <10 minutes Operational & hardware savings “We could provide a workstation to any client, in any seat, at any office in the world… in just 8 minutes.” Frank Sabatelli Director of Virtual Technology Infrastructure Case Study: Desktop Replacement & Centralization IRMC slogan: “Any agent, any desk, anywhere.”

18 18 Business challenges Need to reduce desktop operational costs Required High Availability of desktops Simplify desktop management Technical solution VMware VDI deployment using Clearcube thin clients to access virtual desktops Results 45% reduction in support costs Used HA features to provide robust desktop disaster recovery protection Servers running at 80% utilization Plan to deploy 10,000 desktops by next year Case Study: Business Continuity “.. our virtual desktop environment has scaled exactly as expected. CPU utilization has been running at approximately 60 percent, and we’ve maintained a consistent computing experience for our desktop users while easing management requirements.“ —Randy Tackett, IT Consultant, Nationwide

19 19 VDI: Summary Integrated comprehensive virtual desktop solution Built on industry leading virtualization platform Manage desktops centrally, reduce costs and improve security Transform your desktop with VMware VDI

20 20 Questions and Answers Thank you! Q and A?

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