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Leveraging an Integrated ERP and CRM System - Featuring Sage MAS 500 ERP and Sage SalesLogix CRM.

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1 Leveraging an Integrated ERP and CRM System - Featuring Sage MAS 500 ERP and Sage SalesLogix CRM

2 Agenda Sage Software Overview Sage MAS 500 ERP Overview Sage SalesLogix CRM Overview Integration Overview Integration Demonstration Integration Benefits Next Steps

3 A Few Facts About Sage 5.5M customers worldwide $2.29B in revenue in FY07 2.8M customers in North America $1.01B in revenue in FY07 1,500 customers purchase a Sage product every business day

4 The Sage Software Product Portfolio

5 Sage MAS 500 ERP Business management solutions for larger, growing organizations encompassing financial, service, distribution and manufacturing needs Ground up development on Microsoft technology platform Simplified implementation and migration of data Enterprise-level feature set with an intuitive interface Powerful, yet easy-to-use inquiry, reporting and graphical analysis tools Complete integration with Microsoft desktop productivity tools Robust customization and integration options

6 Key Benefits Deliver consistent information across all areas of the business by providing a tightly integrated ERP solution Configure the system and personalize each users experience to provide an environment that works the way you need it to work Enable quick and easy access to all critical information for proactive management of business exceptions and improved decision making

7 Sage SalesLogix CRM Award winning CRM solution Cross-departmental visibility into prospects and customers Complete view of customer interactions across the entire organizationfrom sales and marketing to service and support Easy-to-use interface that drives organizational efficiencies Flexible access methods Extensive customization and integration capabilities

8 Key Benefits Build lasting, profitable relationships by maximizing the effectiveness of every customer interaction Automate key aspects of the selling process to increase productivity and maximize team selling effectiveness Target the most profitable prospects, track all aspects of marketing campaigns and analyze campaign ROI Resolve customer requests quickly and capitalize on new selling opportunities Access vital customer information anytime, anywhere

9 Integration Overview SalesLogix Accounts MAS 500 Customers Promote prospects to customers Load/link existing customers to existing accounts View complete customer status and history information SalesLogix Products MAS 500 Items Automatically update SalesLogix products when new items are added to MAS 500 View accurate product information including pricing and product availability View inventory status across warehouses

10 Integration Overview SalesLogix Opportunities MAS 500 Sales Orders Promote opportunities to sales orders SalesLogix Service Contracts MAS 500 Invoices Create invoices from service contracts Collect all related ticket activity and allow editing of data as needed Maintain link between service contract and invoice Ad-Hoc Query Data Viewer Customize ad-hoc queries for powerful drill-down capabilities and custom reporting

11 Integration Overview Configuration and Customization Options Assign templates to users to define access rights, default values, synchronization and workflow when creating new records in the back office Configure field mapping across applications Implement scheduled or real-time synchronization

12 Integration Benefits Consistent, accurate and complete customer information Eliminate duplicate data entry Eliminate data inconsistency View all vital information from a single interface Complete view of customer information promotes departmental efficiency Reduce inquiries from sales, marketing and customer service regarding product, availability, orders, invoices, balances and more Deliver accurate return on investment for marketing programs Improve customer service

13 Integration Benefits Improved workflow across applications increases employee productivity Convert opportunities to orders with accurate pricing, discounts, sales tax calculations and inventory availability Convert service contracts to invoices accumulating and tracking all ticket activity associated with a contract Deliver a comprehensive view of the transaction detail in both the front and back office Improved customer experience and customer service

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