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Los pronombres sujetos

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1 Los pronombres sujetos
Subject pronouns Los pronombres sujetos

2 Subject pronouns Subject pronouns replace the subject of the sentence. What is a subject? The person or thing doing the action of the verb. They are used to avoid unnecessary repetition once the speakers have established who or what they are talking about.

3 We = Nosotros/Nosotras You (formal) = Usted (Ud.)
Subject pronouns I = Yo We = Nosotros/Nosotras You (informal) = Tú You all = Vosotros* *This form is used mainly in Spain. He = Él She = Ella You (formal) = Usted (Ud.) They = Ellos/Ellas You all = Ustedes (Uds.)

4 Replace the following with a subject pronoun
Juan Isabel María y José Los estudiantes Ana y Susana Mis amigos y yo Tú y Marcos Él Ella Ellos Ellas Nosotros Ustedes

5 Ser To be

6 Ser The verb ser means to be. What is an infinitive?
An unconjugated verb A verb that ends in –ER, -IR, or –AR in Spanish What is a conjugated verb? A verb that expresses a person or thing doing the action In English, the verb to be is conjugated am, are, and is. How do you conjugate ser in Spanish? Let’s see!

7 The conjugations of ser
Soy I am… Somos We are… Eres You (informal) are… Sois* You all are… *This form is used mainly in Spain. Es He/she is… You (formal) are… It is… Son They are…

8 What form of ser would you use?
Ella Nosotros Usted La carpeta Los estudiantes Soy Es Somos Son

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