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Capítulo 1 The Verb: Ser.

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1 Capítulo 1 The Verb: Ser

2 Verbs are words that are most often used to name actions or link two ideas together.
Verbs in English have different forms depending on who is doing the action or when the action is occurring: I walk, she walks, we walked, etc. The most basic form of a verb is called an infinitive. In English, you can spot infinitives because they usually have the word “to” in front of them: to swim, to read, to write Verbs

3 Verbs in Spanish in their most basic form are infinitives
Infinitives in Spanish do NOT have a separate word “to” in front of them but when you translate them they ALWAYS start with the word “to” in the English translations. Spanish infinitives are only one word. They ALWAYS end in either –ar, -er, or -ir

4 To do this you must conjugate the verbs
You will want to use verbs in ways other than in the infinitive forms. (to be) To do this you must conjugate the verbs to be am is are The easiest way to conjugate in Spanish is in a verb chart (required) The form of the verb will change with each subject Yo 4) Nosotros Nosotras 2) Tú 5) Vosotros Vosotras 3) Él Ella Ud. 6) Ellos Ellas Uds.

5 The verb ser means to be. Ser is an extremely irregular verb. Use ser to describe what a person or thing is like. Conjugating Ser

6 Ser- to be 1. (yo) soy 4. (nosotros) somos 2. (tú) eres
5. (vosotros) sois 3. (él) (ella) es (Ud.) 6. (ellos) (ellas) son (Uds.)

7 Because soy, eres, and somos always have the same subject you can often omit the subject pronoun.

8 Answer in the Nosotros,-as form How to answer questions
If asked in the tú form Answer in the yo form ¿De dónde eres? Soy de Crete. If asked in the Ud. form Answer in the yo form. ¿De dónde es Ud.? If asked in the Uds. form Answer in the Nosotros,-as form ¿De dónde son Uds.? Nosotros somos de Crete. How to answer questions Summarize: What is different between Eng. infinitives and Spanish? What’s special about Ser? What about asking questions?

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