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Mrs. Mary Kaspriskie Contact me at:

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1 Mrs. Mary Kaspriskie Contact me at:

2 A little bit about me  Certified to Teach Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Science  Graduated BS Biology with a Minor in Chemistry- Bucknell University; MS Microbiology- Rutgers Graduate School New Brunswick and UMDNJ  Enjoy reading, kayaking, gardening, horse back riding  Family: Husband- Eric; Children- Philip and Isabel; Pet- Vic

3 1.Matter and Energy 2.Atomic Theory and Structure 3.Chemical Nomenclature and Bonding 4.Chemical Reactions: Stoichiometry and Thermodynamics 5.States of Matter 6.Acids and Bases and Oxidation/Reduction 7.Equilibrium Chemistry is the study of matter and the changes it undergoes. These are the basic units that we will study during the school year.

4 In addtion to the hard copy textbook that students can keep at home, they will have online access to the textbook which includes special resources.

5 Students should check my webpage daily for calendars, assignments, and upcoming assessments.

6 Time Commitment D day A day B day C day

7 The student’s Marking Period grade will be determined using a weighted percent system with three categories. 1)Assessments – 60% 2) Labs/ Activities/ Classwork– 10% 3) Homework– 10%.

8  The student’s Final Grade is determined:  MP1 22.5%  MP2 22.5%  MP3 22.5%  MP4 22.5%  Final Exam 10%

9 If the students follow these simple guidelines, our year will be a success!

10 “But what can I do?”

11 Contact Me If:

12 Slide show designed by Isabel Kaspriskie

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