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Teaching Goal: “Pass the State Exam for Chemistry”

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1 Teaching Goal: “Pass the State Exam for Chemistry”
Chemistry Course Overview

2 Chemistry Class Overview
Semester I: Matter 1 Chemistry Math and Problem Solving (2 weeks) 2 Properties of Matter (2 weeks) 3 Chemical Formulas - Naming Ions, Molecules and Acids (3 weeks) 4 Chemical Quantities – Moles (2 weeks) 5 Chemical Reactions – Balancing and Identifying Reactions (3 weeks) 6 Basic Stoichiometry (2 weeks) 8 Atomic Theory (2 weeks) 9 Nuclear Chemistry (2 weeks) Semester II: Interactions of Matter and Energy 7 Gas Laws (3 weeks) 10 Electrons (3 weeks) 11 Periodicity (2 weeks) 12 Bonding (2 weeks) 13Thermochemistry (2 weeks) + ACT/MME (1 week) 14 Solids and Liquids (2 weeks) 17 Acids and Bases (1 week) 16 Reaction Theory and Equilibrium (1 week) 19 Carbon Compounds (1 week) Chemistry Course Overview

3 Chemistry Course Overview
Guiding Our Learning Michigan High School Science Content Expectations New Lothrop Curriculum Document Textbook: Chemistry Pearson AGS Globe 2007 Notes Bookwork Lab Experiments Research Projects Discovery Education Videos NOVA Movies Chemistry Course Overview

4 Chemistry Course Overview
Class Activities Daily Note Taking and Memorization Practice Problems and Book Assignments Discussion and Questions Weekly Lab Activity or Demonstration At Completion of Each Unit of Study Assessment (test, presentation, portfolio, etc) Once per Quarter Research and Study Water Testing, Radiation Monitoring, Gas Laws Exams First Semester (Includes All Semester 1 Material) Second Semester (State Exam: Comprehensive over Semester 1 and 2) Chemistry Course Overview

5 Chemistry Course Overview
Teacher Policies Penalty (reduced grade) for late work No classwork accepted after Unit Test or Project Due Dates School Rules Enforced Cell Phone Tardy Attendance Dress Academic Integrity Behavior Expectations Respectful Responsible Honest Caring Right to Learn Classroom Rules for… Starting Class Formal Instruction Classwork Cleanliness Formal and Informal Communication Chemistry Course Overview

6 Student Responsibilities
3. Review Edline Assignments posted daily Check Edline if you are absent Mastery Learning Goal: Successful Completion of Assignments Review Homework – Formative - Rework Review Tests – Formative – Rework Laboratory – Formative – Rework Final Exam – Summative – Once Science Tutoring is on Tuesday after school in Mr. Delemeester’s room from 3 – 4 pm. Please see Mr. Delemeester outside of class for additional help if you are having difficulty Know and Follow School Rules, Including Cell Phone Tardy Attendance Dress Academic Integrity Know and Follow Classroom Rules, Including Behavior Procedures Lab Safety Chemistry Course Overview

7 Chemistry Course Overview
Required Materials Calculator Suggested: TI 30Xa scientific Least expensive model (~$10) Must be able to do Scientific Notation Pencils and Erasers (not pen) Will be erasing often 3 Ring Binder Student Notes Handouts Returned Assignments Spiral Notebook Lesson Reviews and Chapter Reviews Lab Notes Chemistry Course Overview

8 Chemistry Course Overview
Grades Earning Credit Categories: Class, Lab and Test Scoring: Completion ( system) or Graded (%) Calculation of Grades Grades are calculated automatically as scores are entered into the electronic grade book Quarterly Grades Classwork (30%) + Lab and Project (20%) + Test (50%) Semester Grades Quarter 1 (40%) + Quarter 2 (40%) + Exam (20%) Chemistry Course Overview

9 Do You Have Any Questions?
Chemistry Course Overview

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