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Welcome to Honors Biology! Ms. Melissa Pelullo 2015-2016 973-535-8000 ext. 5671

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1 Welcome to Honors Biology! Ms. Melissa Pelullo 2015-2016 973-535-8000 ext. 5671

2 A little bit about me... This is my fourth year teaching at Livingston High School. I am teaching Honors Biology and Physiology. I received my BA in Secondary Education and Biology from Seton Hall University. In my spare time I like to exercise, read, be outdoors, and enjoy time with my family.

3 A little bit more about me... I am demanding yet fair with my students. Students are expected to come prepared to class, work to the best of their abilities and be respectful to me, to other students and staff at all times. I believe strongly in encouraging students' development of a sense of responsibility and self-advocacy.

4 The Schedule… Period 1 class = Lab day “C” Period 3 class = Lab day “A” Period 6 class = Lab day “D” Period 8 class = Lab day “B” Morning Classes – 1 st half of lunch Afternoon Classes – 2 nd half of lunch

5 The Biology Honors course has been designed to provide the highly motivated student with the scientific principles, concepts, and methodologies required to understand the relationships between the structure and function of living things and develop in students an understanding of science processes and the basic tenets of biology.

6 There will be an emphasis on articulate communication of ideas through written expression and problem-solving. This course is not intended to include all of biology, but rather to provide a solid background in biological knowledge and the understanding of the fundamental scientific principles students will need to be life-long learners and problem solvers.

7 Honors Biology helps prepare students for… NJBCT (exam in mid-May) Biology (M) SAT II subject area test (opt.) Because we do not cover every topic that might be tested for on the subject test, students wishing to take the SATII test in the spring may need to study further. Future courses: Honors Chemistry AP Biology (opt.). Science Electives (Environmental, FoSci, Physiology)

8 Honors Units of Study (subject to change)

9 Teacher Webpage Updated Daily! Contact me with any questions or concerns!


11 Homework Homework is a reinforcement!! ▫So much information in biology ▫Some questions found in note packets may be found on the test  It helps to complete the homework packets!! Homework is given at least 3-4 days a week. May be graded on effort or content. Not all work is graded Must be turned in ON TIME!

12 Laboratories At least one activity per unit – usually more Rotating Drop Schedule – students have lab every ____ day Mini activities throughout the year FUN! ▫Hands on, gets the students to have a visual Packets and/or lab reports

13 Strawberry DNA Extraction Lab

14 Honors Tests Tests will stay in the students Testing Folder in the class room. If students wish to bring their test home, the folder must be signed out. If student has a concern regarding their test, they must address it with the teacher during class and have the teacher hold the test until the matter is resolved

15 Studying for a test: Don’t wait until the night before the test! 1) notes packet 2) homeworks 3) lab(s) 4) formative assessments 5) Textbook 6) Etc.!!! SAVE EVERYTHING!!

16 Ms. Pelullo’s Office – Room S10A Available before and after school most days except for Mondays Available for extra help – speak with me before hand to schedule a time or to ensure my availability (in person or by email)

17 NJ Biology Competency Exam (End of Course Exam) One goal of this class is to properly prepare students for the state-mandated Biology Competency Test ▫Review Materials will be posted to teacher webpage

18 Honors Grading Marking Period grade will be based on a point system. Dividing the points earned by the points possible will give you your current average, this way you are aware of your grade at all times. Each assignment will have a clearly indicated point value. NOTE – if your child has below a 70 at the end of MP1, the child is automatically dropped to the CP Level


20 How’s my child doing in class? Genesis is an open gradebook You can log in at any point and review grades in genesis. Contact me with any questions or concerns!

21 Progress Reports You have access! ▫Teachers will no longer send progress reports for ALL students.  Parents are encouraged to access child’s grades on regular basis. ▫Teachers MUST send a progress report if a student’s average is below a “C-” or if the student’s performance drops significantly.  Parent will be notified via Progress Report, Email or Phone call CONTACT ME! With any questions or concerns ▫

22 What can parents do to help? Touch base with your child on a regular basis to check his/her progress; ask questions. Check Ms. Pelullo’s teacher page for daily updates. Encourage your child and keep them positive! Email or call if you suspect any problems. ▫

23 Remind A great way to keep in touch with my students All the student needs to do is text the provided number with a key phase – All of this information is found on my teacher page under the tab “Remind” Once they have texted the number, they will receive texts from me with reminders, due dates, additional class info!!


25 Thanks for coming!! Any questions ??

26 Hard Copy Text & Online Textbook Miller & Levine 2010 Aligns nicely with curriculum Check it out! ▫ ▫Upper Right hand corner – link for login

27 “Open Book” Tab, “Explore” & “To Do”

28 “Open Book”

29 “Explore” Sample Unit 3 Chapter 7

30 “Explore” Chapter 7 – Chapter Resources

31 Chapter 7 Sample Resources Plenty of videos and animations to view online that correlate the information students are learning to real life activities


33 Activities Interactive - keep trying until it's right! Immediate feedback.

34 Lesson Overviews, Notes, and More

35 You can even choose a lesson assessment or self- test for a specific section

36 “To Do” – Specific online assignments may occasionally be assigned

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