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Mrs. Beth Miller and Ms. Marty Barritt Classroom G5 Welcome to Back to School Night.

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1 Mrs. Beth Miller and Ms. Marty Barritt Classroom G5 Welcome to Back to School Night

2 About me- Ms. Marty Barritt Third year teaching Science at RHS, but have been with the District for 10 years. Four kids…they all attended RHS, my youngest graduated last year. Two teaching credentials: General Education and Special Education Live in Ramona Slowly turning yard into low water landscaping

3 About me…Mrs. Beth Miller I have a B.A. and M.S. in chemistry from UCSD and the University of Washington. I live in Ramona with my husband, two boys (13 and 15) and a dog named Mocha Bear. This is my 20 th year teaching science…chemistry, physics, AP environmental science, earth science, and now GLOBAL SCIENCE.

4 Why Global Science? To prepare your students for Biology Chemistry Physics AP Environmental Science

5 Content Semester 1Semester 2 The Scientific Method Measurement/Metric System Kinematics/Force/Dynamics Maps, Topography, Longitude, Latitude The Periodic Table States of Matter Rocks and Minerals Mining on Earth and in Space The Carbon Cycle Geological History Plate Tectonics Earthquakes and Waves Composition of the Atmosphere Electromagnetic Energy Weather and Currents Climate and Biomes Human Impact on Air Quality Chemical Bonding The Nitrogen Cycle Chemical Reactions Water Resources and Properties Ocean Chemistry Human Impact on the Ocean Characteristics of Aquatic Biomes

6 Global Science is UC Approved! Global Science meets the 3 rd year of the “D” physical science requirement of the University of California. Global Science meets the RHS one-year physical science requirement for graduation.

7 How to Pass Global Science There is no secret to doing well in highschool. 1. Show up every day READY TO LEARN. 2. Come prepared, pay attention, take notes, participate and ask questions. 3. DO your OWN work! (Copying/Cheating is NOT learning.) 4. Review your notes. 5. Stay organized. Keep all of your papers by date in a binder.

8 Students need every day… Paper Pencil or Pen A calculator A Binder

9 Other Information Grades on-line updated weekly. Teacher Webpage updated weekly. ELT is Tuesday-Friday and is used for makeup quizzes, labs and tutoring. After school Bulldog Connect Science Tutoring in room H40 on Thursday.

10 And… EVERY assignment and EVERY quiz can be made up for FULL credit up until finals week. NO late work will be accepted on finals week.

11 Questions or Concerns 760-787-4177 (phone for room G5) I would be happy to meet with you about your student. Please email me for an appointment.

12 If your student is absent… Go to my teacher page! Every thing we do in class is posted there, including notes and handouts. “Miller, Beth”

13 This is what makes science worth it… Science Now

14 Drones


16 Velella velella

17 Big Dog

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