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Ms. Kuykendall Chemistry Room 250--Pd 1 Room 248--Pd 3, 4A, 4B, 6 Welcome.

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1 Ms. Kuykendall Chemistry Room 250--Pd 1 Room 248--Pd 3, 4A, 4B, 6 Welcome

2 Teacher’s Information  Email:  Webpage: RiverHill/Kuykendall  Conference times: Tuesday-Thursday by appt. Email (preferred method) or call (410)313-7120

3 About the Teacher  University of Maryland, College Park  B.S. in biological sciences  Specialization in microbiology  M.Ed. in curriculum & instruction (secondary science education)

4 More About the Teacher  Previously taught at Marriotts Ridge High School  Member of...  Sigma Alpha Omicron, the University of MD Chapter of the American Society for Microbiology Honor Society  National Science Teachers Association  National Association of Biology Teachers  MD Association of Science Teachers  Guest speaker for UMD M.Ed. action research course  Hosted National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) international Korean visitors  HCPSS panel member to help 1 st yr. science teachers  HCPSS professional development speaker & summer curriculum writer  Sponsor of Class of 2017

5 Course Outline  1 st Marking Pd: Introduction to Chemistry, Matter, Atomic Structure  2 nd Marking Pd: Electrons, Periodic Table, Bonding, Chemical Nomenclature  3 rd Marking Pd: Chemical Equations, Moles & Stoichiometry, Gases  4 th Marking Pd: Solutions, Thermochemistry, Reaction Rates, Equilibrium, Acids & Bases, Organic Chemistry

6 Required Materials  Textbook, lined paper, pencils, pens (blue or black— NOT red), binder & dividers OR folder, graphing calculator  Very helpful: Colored pencils, glue, scissors, highlighter, ruler, hole puncher, graph paper

7 Grades  Based on quizzes, tests, homework, class work, lab activities, and projects  Each assignment is given a weighted point value  Total point system →number of point earned total points possible  Grades updated regularly & accessible through Aspen

8 Communication  Parents & students may sign up for “NewsFlash” on my TeacherWeb page through the RHHS website  You can be automatically informed by email or text message when announcements are made for quizzes, tests, review sessions, and other important biology information  Subscribe or unsubscribe at any time  Wonderful resource to keep you in the loop!

9 Self advocacy  Please encourage your child to contact me directly with questions & concerns  Reduces “middle man” & “playing telephone”  Demonstrate independence & “college & career readiness”

10 Thank you for your time… let’s have a great year!

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