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WELCOME! Back to School Night Chemistry A Mrs. Michele Strain Room 403.

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1 WELCOME! Back to School Night Chemistry A Mrs. Michele Strain Room 403

2 Course & Contact Information Can be found on my website – Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns – e- mail is the best way to contact me:

3 Extra Help Mon., Tue. & Thurs. 2:15 – 3:00 Friday after school by appt only NOT available Wed. due to team, dept. and faculty meetings. Period 2 in room 403 – I have a study hall but students can come see me if they have a free period.

4 Materials Needed Non-programmable, scientific calculator Blue or black pen and pencil 3-ringed binder Text book – can stay at home

5 Course of Study First semester Measurements and Calculations Matter and its Properties The Atom The Periodic Table Bonding Reaction Types Second semester Stoichiometry Gas Laws Solutions Acids and Bases Thermochemistry Equilibrium Nuclear Chemistry Electrochemistry Organic chemistry

6 Grading System Weighted Average 50% quizzes and tests 30% labs and projects 20% homework

7 Quizzes and Tests There are approximately 4 tests per marking period – these will always be announced Quizzes will be given periodically to check for understanding – may or may not be announced There is a marking period assessment at the end of each marking period. These assessments are cumulative.

8 Labs and Projects There is a lab session once every four days. Lab session = one class period plus half of lunch. Lab reports are due on the next lab day. Lab extensions will be given to check for comprehension. Projects are assigned monthly or bi-monthly.

9 Homework All homework assignments will be announced in class and will be written on the board. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments from the board as posting on the website may not always be possible.

10 WebAssign (WA) On-line homework program Instant feedback Multiple submissions Can view key after due date for review It is STRONGLY recommended that students print the assignment the day it is posted so that they see it in their notebook The hope is that students will do a little each day and will ask questions

11 Webassign Students are expected to: Print the assignment Explain answers. Credit will not be received without explanations. Show calculations when appropriate. Credit will not be received without calculations. Submit answers by the due date - grade is based on what is posted on WA Hand in explanations/work in class the day the assignment is due (or the next day if class drops.)

12 Work Load – Time Management is Key Monthly or Bimonthly: project Weekly: Webassign Lab Nightly Book questions Work sheets Review

13 Late Work Policy 10% deduction/day for projects, labs and WA work. 50% deduction/day for homework Late work not accepted if answers have been discussed in class If there are extenuating circumst ances regarding late work, please contact me.

14 Academic Integrity Students should NEVER have the exact same written thoughts as your lab partners. Only the data should be the same as lab partner. Cheating of any sort will not be tolerated. All involved parties will receive a grade penalty and be subject to WHRHS policies.

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