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Farmington’s College Application Process: Step by Step

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1 Farmington’s College Application Process: Step by Step
Farmington High School 10 Monteith Drive Farmington, CT CEEB#   

2 Presentation Contents
Step 1 Updating list of schools on Naviance Common Application vs. Online vs. Mailing Schools Step 2 Common Application Process Registering ( Naviance FERPA Release Common Application Account Linked Non-Common Application Process Online Submission Paper/Mailing Submission

3 Presentation Contents (cont.)
Step 3 Teacher Recommendations Online Paper/mailing Sending SAT/ACT/AP Scores (SAT, AP) (ACT)

4 Step 1: Updating Naviance
Log On*: *Username: lastnamefirstname (up to 10 characters) *Password: student ID# (unless you have changed your password)

5 Step 1: (cont.) Updating Naviance
Update the list of colleges you will be applying to on Naviance. Under the “colleges” tab, click on “colleges I’m thinking about.”

6 Step 1: (cont.) Note “Delivery Types” and “Deadlines”
Remember: Early Decision: Binding Early Action/Priority: Non-Binding

7 Step 1: (cont.) Understanding Delivery Types*
Non-Common Application (online submission) Common Application School (paper/mail submission) *Please note: Application processes will differ slightly.

8 Step 2: The Common Application

9 Step 2: The Common Application Login Screen
Students register by clicking Go here

10 Step 2: The Common Application Creating a New Account
Some validation occurs on the registration screen.

11 Step 2: The Common Application Getting to the Search Engine
By clicking on Search for Colleges on the left-hand navigation menu, the student is brought to the Simple Search page.

12 Step 2: The Common Application The Search Engine
On either the Simple Search or the Advanced Search, entering in search criteria and clicking on the button… brings the user to the Search Results screen.

13 Step 2: The Common Application Adding a College
To add a school, check the box next to its name and then click on Add to get to the My Colleges screen.

14 Step 2: The Common Application Adding a College (cont.)
The QuickAdd feature allows you to bypass the search screen if you know the school name. Clicking on a school option that appears in this list will activate the QuickAdd button.

15 Step 2: The Common Application My Colleges
To view school information… click on the school’s name – the info at the bottom refreshes. For more instructions on completing the Common Application, please see the PowerPoint presentation at Introduction to the Common App Online for First-Year Admission:(.ppt)

16 Step 2: The Common Application Naviance Directions
Once in Naviance, under the “colleges” tab, click on “colleges I’m applying to.”

17 Step 2: The Common Application FERPA Release
First thing that will come up is the FERPA Release. Students will need to check off two boxes: Waive right to access their recommendations Authorize school to release their educational records.

18 Step 2: The Common Application Linking Your Common App Account
In order to link your Common Application with the documents that Farmington will submit (i.e. transcript, letter(s) of recommendation, school profile, etc.), you must enter your Common Application “username” AND “password.”

19 Step 2: The Common Application Final Steps
In order for Conard to send your online documents, you must complete the following steps and bring to Mrs. Gooding in the Guidance Office: You must complete an “Application Transcript Request Form” for each school you are applying to. Submit Transcript Processing Fee $3.00 per school. Farmington will automatically send your mid-year report/transcript to each school you have applied to.

20 Step 2: Non-Common Application Schools
Online Submission (non-Common Application) Student must complete the “Application Transcript Request Form” (Forms located Guidance by Mrs. Gooding, 1 form for each school) Complete “FERPA” agreement in Naviance (Under “colleges” tab, click on “colleges I’m thinking about”) Submit Transcript Fee $3.00 per school (to Mrs. Gooding in Guidance) Mailing/Paper Submission Complete/stamp Blue Postcard (1 per school) (Postcard located in Guidance by Mrs. Gooding)

21 Step 3: Teacher Recommendations and Sending Official Test Scores
Online Paper/mailing Sending Official Test Scores (if applicable) AP Scores SAT Scores ACT Scores

22 Step 3: Teacher Recommendations
Pick up a “TEACHER Letter of Recommendation” form from Guidance. This form includes detailed instructions on how to request letters of recommendation. Teachers may submit their letters online (for Common Application schools and schools that accept online transmissions.) For all other schools, students must provide stamped and addressed envelopes. REMEMBER: Only send as many recommendations as are requested for each school. Click here for a preview of the form.

23 Step 3: Sending Official Scores
Students are responsible for sending their own official test scores. Students should visit the following websites to request their scores to be sent: (AP and SAT) (ACT) Please note: It takes approximately 4 weeks for your request to be processed. Please make sure you contact the above websites 4 weeks in advance of the deadline dates.

24 Questions??? See your School Counselor of Ms. Gooding in the Guidance Office.

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