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College Application Process Parsippany High School Fall 2011.

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1 College Application Process Parsippany High School Fall 2011

2 Application Apply online Watch deadline dates SAT Contact College Board to have scores sent directly to college Transcript Requests Allow at least 15 working days before deadline Complete transcript request form for each application (pick up in Guidance) Attach each transcript request form to its own addressed 9X12 envelope with 3 stamps (We don’t need an envelope for electronic transmission) Make sure Guidance has 1 copy of resume Drop off in transcript request basket in guidance Teacher Recommendation (if needed) Ask one or two teachers in advance if they will do this for you Give them addressed and stamped envelope for each college Have your teacher send a copy of their letter to guidance for your file Counselor Recommendation (if needed) Ask teacher to return “teacher reference forms” to guidance Make an appointment Bring both brag sheets Bring resume Don’t forget to use Naviance to track your applications and check for messages Athletes Be sure to register at NCAA: if you would like to play in college

3  Apply Online  Watch Deadlines  Application Types  Early Decision  Early Action  Regular Decision  Rolling Admission

4  A universal application used by several hundred colleges and universities.  All paperwork is delivered electronically through Naviance.   Read carefully – some schools require supplemental forms in addition to the common application.

5  It is your responsibility to release and send your scores: or  Our school code is 311078  Be sure to save the confirmation for your records.  Keep all records and copies of reports in one place.

6  Nothing happens without a GREEN sheet!!  One GREEN sheet per school  Allow 15 working days for processing  GREEN sheets are found in Guidance  Indicate method of delivery (Naviance will provide that information)  regular mail (provide envelope and stamps)  common application  Electronic

7 Colleges You Are Applying To

8  Choose teachers who know you best  Provide them with a resume  Give ample time for teachers to write recommendation letters prior to deadline date  If not electronically delivered give addressed stamped envelope  Give teachers any supplemental forms that the colleges require them to fill out

9  Register online with the NCAA   Bring transcript request forms to guidance  You will also need to request a final transcript to be sent at the end of the year.

10  If you need a letter from your counselor:  Fill out the top of teacher reference forms and give them to teachers who know you  Fill out student brag sheet and parent brag sheet  Develop a resume  Once this is completed, make an appointment to see your counselor for a full period.

11 Can be accessed from our Guidance Department web page Is helpful for research as well as organization of college application materials Must be used as part of the college application process

12 Scattergrams

13 College Visits

14 Scholarships

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