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The Common Application Workshop October 29, 2008.

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1 The Common Application Workshop October 29, 2008

2 What is The Common Application? An admissions application used by over 300 private colleges and universities An online application that can be sent to numerous colleges at one time Visit the website to check if your college accepts the Common App

3 Visit the Website Search for participating colleges and universities

4 Search for Colleges Search by State Tip: If you hold down the Ctrl button you can select more than one state Press the Search button to list eligible schools

5 List of eligible colleges Click on the name of school for more information. If you want to apply, check the select box Hit the Add button when you have selected all schools Compare multiple schools

6 College Information

7 Create an account Create a New Account or Log In to your existing account

8 Enter Personal Information Select First-Year Student Enter Personal Information

9 Create Username & Password Make sure to write down your username and password so you dont forget!

10 My Colleges List of colleges you have selected Status of your application for each college

11 Instructions

12 Application Versions Access this information on the Instructions page You can create slightly different versions for up to 10 Colleges

13 Common Application Instructions for how to begin your Common Application

14 Future Plans Indicate Early Action or Regular Decision Choose Major and possible career plans

15 Future Plans Cont. You must fill out this screen for each college you are applying to

16 Personal Data Your Personal Information will automatically appear. Enter Citizenship status Optional Info Save & Next

17 Address Information Your address will automatically appear Verify that the information is correct Save & Next

18 Family Enter Parent/ Guardian and Sibling Information

19 Family Cont. You will need your parents college info

20 Academics Enter CEEB code: 052986 Date of Entry: 08/2005 You will need your counselors contact info: Name, Phone, Fax, Email

21 Academics Cont. Check box if you attended another high school and add CEEB code

22 Academics Cont. List all colleges/universities at which you have taken courses for credit. You will put the name of the course and the grade you received in the Additional Comments section later in the application. **Remember to send an official transcript from each college.

23 Academics Cont. Enter all current 12 th grade coursework, including electives. Do not enter Off Roll. Note: Sequence of AP classes

24 Academics Cont. Enter Academic distinctions or Honors received since 9 th grade

25 Standardized Tests Enter ACT, SAT Reasoning, and SAT Subject Test Scores Enter date if you are registered for October or November

26 Standardized Tests Cont. Enter AP Test date, Subject and Score

27 Activities Extracurricular Activities: Sports, Music, Clubs, Community Service **List activities in order of their interest to you

28 Activities Cont. List any Paid jobs you have held during the past 3 years. If still employed, leave the To Date empty.

29 Writing Use this space to elaborate on one activity or work experience in 150 words or less Personal Essay Section

30 Writing Cont. Write your essay on a topic of your choice or on one of the options provided: Indicate which option you have chosen Write your essay in a word document and upload it

31 Writing Sample Questions 1.Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you. 2. Discuss some issue of personal, local, national, or international concern and its importance to you.

32 Writing Sample Questions... 3.Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence. 4. Describe a character in fiction, a historical figure, or a creative work (as in art, music, science, etc.) that has had an influence on you, and explain that influence.

33 Writing Sample Questions... 5.A range of academic interests, personal perspectives, and life experiences adds much to the educational mix. Given your personal background, describe an experience that illustrates what you would bring to the diversity in a college community, or an encounter that demonstrated the importance of diversity to you. 6. Topic of your choice.

34 Writing Cont. Include any additional information that may significantly impact your application Enter college coursework already completed

35 Preview Use the Quick Print link to preview the application and check for errors **This link is available on each section of the application except the Submit section

36 Preview A screen will pop up with your information populated in each section. Preview EVERY section to check for errors!

37 Sign & Submit You may choose to submit your application to one or more Institutions at a time. Select Print Preview to view incomplete information.

38 Sign & Submit When you are ready, Sign your name & Submit!!!

39 Sign & Submit Cont. No changes after you submit!!! You may add additional colleges after you initially submit Do not print the Online Application and mail it

40 Supplements If the school requires a Supplement to the application, it will be listed on this page. Check each school you are applying to.

41 Payment View each college for information about payment. Most colleges will let you pay online.

42 School Forms Check each college to see which forms they require. Print out the forms from this link. Some counselors/teachers will submit these forms electronically.

43 School Forms Cont. Westview can now submit these forms directly to the college through Family Connection. If you havent signed up for an account, see your counselor ASAP. Set up a meeting with your counselor to review which forms are required for each school.

44 Letters of Recommendation Request a letter from your counselor and/or teacher(s) at least 2-3 weeks before the due date! Find out if forms can be submitted online. If not, bring stamped envelopes to the meeting with your counselor and/or teacher.

45 Letter of Recommendation Brag Sheet or Resume Permission to Release School Info You must have a hard copy on file with your counselor Parent Profile Student Self-Portrait Teacher Input Forms Give to 3 teachers and have them return it to your counselor Optional: Westview College Info

46 Letter of Recommendation Sign in to Family Connection and open Document Library Open Letter of Rec link

47 Letter of Rec. Cont... Fill out forms and bring them to the meeting with your counselor and/or teachers.

48 Letter of Rec. Cont... Go to My Colleges link to track your Letters of Rec Add or Cancel Requests DO NOT use this as your initial request for a letter. Talk to teacher first!

49 Important!!! Submit Application Online = Submit Supplements Online Submit Application on Paper = Submit Supplements on Paper

50 Remember... Check deadlines! Review ED, EA, and REA options Request a meeting with your counselor and/or teachers for Letters of Rec. Submit test results and transcripts directly to each college

51 Thank you for attending!

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