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Upper Respiratory external nares (nostrils) nasal cavity.

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2 Upper Respiratory

3 external nares (nostrils)

4 nasal cavity

5 nasal septum

6 Perpendicular plate

7 vomer bone

8 internal nares The nose leads to the pharynx through this pair of openings creating a pathway for air to reach the lungs

9 Nasal conchae superior middle inferior Thin scroll-shaped bony structures that force air over a large surface area for rapid warming and filtering

10 Paranasal sinuses

11 ethmoid Contains 3-18 small air spaces or “cells” inside ethmoid bone

12 frontal

13 maxillary

14 sphenoid

15 hard palate

16 pharynx Throat: extends from internal nares down to the larynx

17 nasopharynx Posterior to nasal cavity and extends to the plane of the soft palate

18 oropharynx Posterior to oral cavity and extends from soft palate to the level of the hyoid bone

19 laryngopharynx Begins at the level of the hyoid bone and connects the esophagus with the larynx (voice box)

20 larynx

21 epiglottis

22 thyroid cartilage

23 arytenoid cartilage

24 corniculate cartilage

25 cricoid cartilage

26 Vocal cords False vocal cord True vocal cord

27 glottis (opening)

28 Lower Respiratory Tract

29 trachea

30 carina One of the most sensitive areas for triggering a cough reflex

31 respiratory tree Begins at the trachea and ends at the terminal bronchioles Trachea Primary Bronchi Secondary Bronchi Tertiary Bronchi Bronchioles Terminal Bronchioles

32 primary bronchi

33 secondary (lobar) bronchi

34 tertiary (segmental) bronchi

35 intralobular bronchiole

36 terminal bronchiole

37 respiratory bronchiole

38 alveolar duct

39 alveolar sac

40 alveoli

41 lungs

42 lobes

43 Right lung  – 3 lobes

44 Left lung  – 2 lobes

45 RESPIRATORY MUSCLES KNOW the muscle involved in normal and forced ventilation


47 diaphragm

48 external intercostals

49 sternocleidomastoid

50 pectoralis minor

51 scalenes


53 internal intercostals

54 rectus abdominis

55 external oblique

56 internal oblique

57 Transverse abdominis

58 parietal pleura  Outer membrane  Contacts ribs

59 visceral pleura  Inner membrane  Covers lung  Like cellophane

60 pleural cavity  Space between

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