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Respiratory System.

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1 Respiratory System

2 Respiratory System Function
Air distributor – all parts but Alveoli Gas Exchanger - Alveoli Air Filter - Nose Air warmer – Nose/Mouth Air humidifier – Nose/Mouth Regulation of homeostasis, pH of Body

3 Respiratory Tract Divisions
Upper Respiratory Tract Lower Respiratory Tract Nose Nasopharynx Oropharynx Laryngopharynx Larynx Trachea All of Bronchial Tree Lungs


5 Accessory Structures Oral Cavity Rib Cage
Respiratory Muscles (Diaphragm)

6 Nose Nasal Cavity Nasal septum Nasal Hair Mucus Membrane
hollow space behind the nose  Nasal septum divides the nose (bone) Nasal Hair In vestibule traps particles Mucus Membrane Starts in respiratory portion of nose (after vestibule) warms and moistens air, also traps particles (dust)

7 Nose Nasal conchae bones that divide the nasal cavity
support the mucus membrane increase surface area (superior, middle, inferior)

8 Nose See page 687 Structure of the Nose
Move movement of Air through Nose

9 Pharynx behind the oral cavity, between the nasal cavity and larynx
space, not a structure

10 Pharynx Function Path for Respiratory Tract – air path to trachea
Path for Digestive Tract – food path to esophagus Affects speech production (Vowel Sounds)

11 Pharynx Structure - Page 689 23-6
Nasopharynx – Posterior nares to the soft palate Oropharynx – Soft palate to Hyoid bone Laryngopharynx – Hyoid bone to esophagus The eustachian tube connects the middle ear with the nasopharynx

12 Larynx below pharynx and enlargement at the top of the trachea
conducts air in and out of trachea

13 Larynx Voice Box Vocal Chords- Glottis Cartilages of Larynx
Thyroid Cartilage – Adams Apple Epiglottis – prevents food/liquids in Trachea Arytenoid – Vocal Chords attach here

14 Larynx Cartilage

15 Larynx Muscles Intrinsic Muscles – Controls vocal cords
Extrinsic Muscles – Moves Larynx

16 Lower Respiratory Tract
Bronchial Tree (p. 692, See p. 695, Fig 23-13) Parts in order from largest to smallest Trachea/ Windpipe (11cm or 4.5 inches) Primary Bronchi Secondary Bronchi Bronchioles Alveolar ducts Alveolar sacs  Alveoli

17 Alveoli- Gas Exchange Gas Exchange

18 Lung Structure There are 5 lobes in the lungs
Two Superior lobes (one on both sides) One Middle lobe (Right side ONLY) Two Inferior lobes (one on both sides) See page 698 – 699 How many on right? Left?

19 Function of Lungs Air Distribution Gas Exchange

20 Helpful Resources Larynx Respiratory Summary Steven Tyler's Voice
Respiratory System

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