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The Family Chapter 12.

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1 The Family Chapter 12

2 Objectives Describe the norms that influence the ways in which marriage patterns are organized around the world. Identify the basic societal needs that the institution of the family satisfies. Explain how American families begin & describe some of the disruptions they might face. Analyze some of the trends in American family life currently being examined by sociologists.

3 Family a group of people who are related by marriage, blood or adoption & who often live together and share economic resources

4 Nuclear Family consists of 1 or more parents & their children
Family of Orientation: nuclear family into which one is born or adopted Family of Procreation: nuclear family consisting of an individual, his or her spouse & their children

5 Extended Family consists of 2 or more generations
grandparents, parents, children, uncles, aunts & cousins may all live together

6 Kinship a network of people who are related by marriage, birth, or adoption

7 Marriage & Kinship Patterns

8 Marriage-Partner Patterns
Monogamy: marriage of 2 partners only Polygamy: marriage with multiple partners

9 Descent Patterns Patrilineal Descent: kinship traced through father’s family Matrilineal Descent: kinship traced through mother’s family Bilateral Descent: kinship traced through both parents important in matters of property ownership & inheritance.

10 Residential Patterns Patrilocality: newly married couple expected to live with or near husband’s parents Matrilocality: newly married couple expected to live with or near wife’s parents Bilocality: newly married couple allowed to choose Neolocality: newly married couple free to choose their own locality

11 Authority Patterns Patriarchy: system in which men are dominant over women Matriarchy: system in which women are dominant over men Egalitarian: a family in which the man & woman share power

12 Functions of the Family
regulation of sexual activity Incest: taboo reproduction socialization economic & emotional security

13 Homogamy marriage between individuals who have similar social characteristics

14 Heterogamy marriage between individuals who have different social characteristics

15 Trends in American Family Life
delayed marriage childlessness dual-earner marriages delayed childbearing remarriage 1-parent families

16 CLASSWORK: CHAPTER 12 Pg 304: #2-3 Pg 317: #2-3
Pg 318: #1-10 Identifying People & Ideas Pg 318: #1-5 Understanding Main Ideas Pg 319: #1-4 Building Social Studies Skills

17 Exploring Cultural Diversity
Please turn in your books to Pg 298. Read the following study on changing family life & answer the “Think About It” questions in your journals.

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