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Sex, Marriage and Love.

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1 Sex, Marriage and Love

2 Definition Marriage designates the socially recognized, specially intimate relationship between a man and a woman which is expected to involve the sexual, economic, and other forms of interaction thought necessary to a full life. Major means in which new groups are formed and new relationships between existing groups are established and maintained Definition from 30 years ago

3 Newer Definition A union between two or more people that established certain rights and obligations between the people, between them and their children, and between them and their in-laws Other key characteristics: Marriage is universal and marriage has rules that vary from culture to culture

4 What about love? Love has nothing to do with marriage in many cultures
Remember: We, as Americans, cannot judge a pattern that differs from the American norm by American standards Love and Marriage did not come together until 17th century --- and then only among the property-less poor. (They have nothing to lose!)

5 Important Marriage Vocab
consanguines- “blood” relatives, people related by birth affines- “in-laws”- people related by marriage nuclear family- domestic unit made up of married couple and any unmarried children Canadian and American tradition of “family” extended family- more distant relatives cousins, aunts, grandparents

6 How to Look at Marriage 2 approaches
#1: Descent approach- rooted in idea of unilineal descent- one line. Sees themselves from one side of the family Matrilineal descent- linked to mother’s side of descent line; member of their clan Patrilineal descent- roots linked to father’s side Or bilateral- both are equally important

7 Marital Exchanges #2- Alliance view- Groups exchange individuals
Bridewealth- goods are exchanged for women Compensating the women’s family for their loss Brideservice- labor is performed by groom’s family on behalf of women’s family Dowry- family of the bride transfer some of their wealth to daughter and new husband These exchanges helps to keep marriages together. There is an economic interest

8 Rules to Marriage Exogamous Rules- an individual is prohibited from marrying within her or his own family or other kin group, or village -incest taboo- only disallows sex with relatives, while exogamous rules outlaw marriage Endogamous Rules- Individual must marry someone within his or her own social group - India’s caste system

9 Forms of Marriage Monogamy- Individuals are allowed only one spouse. Most common, but not most preferred. Polygyny- One man is allowed multiple wives Most preferred in 80-85% of world societies Commons where women do much of the work or where there is shortage of males Often welcomed by women

10 Other forms Polyandry- One woman is allowed multiple husbands
Seen in Tibet/Nepal Mainly in societies where land and women are scarce Group marriage- Several women and men are allowed to be married simultaneously to each other. Very rare. Not even a good solid example except in communes like Oneida community in NY ( )

11 Postmarital Residence Patterns
Where new couples in a society establish their residence patrilocal- matrilocal- bilocal- neolocal- avunculocal-

12 Let’s Talk about Sex… All societies regulate sexual behavior
Three common sexual regulations: 1. By gender (prohibiting either homo or hetero-sexual activities) 2. By age 3. By relation (the incest taboo)

13 Homosexuality and Heterosexuality
Terms invented as medical terms in 1800’s Webster’s dictionary (1923) defines homosexuality as “morbid sexual passion for on the same sex” But also defines heterosexuality as “morbid sexual passion for one of the opposite sex” By 1934, definition had changed: Heterosexuality: “normal sexuality” Homosexuality became a mental illness/perversion

14 Notes on homosexuality
2-10% in America are homosexual Commons in Ancient Greece- considered pursuing virtue – LOVE usually only between males Love between men and women considered a madness

15 More ab0ut sex and love later…

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