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Welcome to Back To School Night with Ms. Mary Beth Schrepferman

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1 Welcome to Back To School Night with Ms. Mary Beth Schrepferman
Painted Rock Elementary School Grade 5 Room19 Sept 12, 2013

2 Ms. Schrepferman’s background:
*Grew up in Indiana, attended Indiana University *4-legged children *yoga instructor * Over 25 years in PUSD– How can that be??? *Experience ranges from K-8 and teacher training

3 Personal beliefs: Fairness does NOT mean everyone gets the same thing; it means everyone gets what they need! Be fair, firm, flexible and fun! Strong organizational skills & self discipline are a foundation for success in middle school *See handout

4 Use of Technology *Post class picture – class web site
*Posting of nightly homework / kids write in homework agendas (averaging 45 minutes; heaviest HW is Feb-April) *Links for parents *Bi-weekly parent *Learning Point Compass Learning th grade success *Finalizing writing pieces on computer or handwritten in ink *Standards based games and review

5 Use of Technology Type to Learn 3 Please register with Peachjar . You can most easily register by selecting the Peachjar icon located on the bottom left side of our school website, Many benefits for  *Please consider set ting up an account for your child’s benefit Tween Tribute

6 Our Daily Schedule Language Arts block grammar, vocabulary and concepts integration, spelling, writing skills, reading instruction (expository and narrative) Recess Math block Read Aloud / SSR/ Spelling Lunch Social Studies and/or Science Art / PE / Band varies*

7 Economics Structure: AKA “Schrepferman “
Tied with Social Studies (inflation, raising of taxes, etc…) Kids paid weekly; extra pay for special jobs Fining; foundation of behavioral expectations Auctions give incentive to complete work and act appropriately Discipline Letter- to ensure all kids have the right to learn List of Fines

8 Ms. Schrepferman's Fieldtrips
November                       Legoland                    Human body Nov/Dec                      Julian                        Colonial Times Late April/May               Padre Day                    Science Day *Spring Humane Society Character Counts June                           Biztown                            Math & Writing June  12                        Knotts Soak City                     Fun! (Please let me know of financial hardship)

9 Attendance Daily attendance is very important and please be on time
Please have your child me regarding absences Check HW link nightly Make-up work

10 5th Grade Curriculum see links on our web page

11 Language Arts New Common Core Standards
READING According to CA Standards, a 5th grade student should read with an oral fluency of 120 words per minute Interactive Reading Strategies are emphasized and practiced 3 class novels together; Reader’s Workshop; Battle of the Books Encourage your child to read minutes 4 nights a week and have them tell you about it. Spelling – first part of year Vocab – Latin and Greek derivatives Summary Writing Computer technology/ information research 5th grade students are expected to write multiple-paragraph compositions: narrative and expository – using the writing process

12 Mathematics Math Grouping COMPUTATIONAL SKILLS
Basic math facts should be practiced at home for automaticity and accuracy Knowledge of place value, money, estimation Multiplication of large numbers Long Division Fractions Addition and Subtraction of large numbers Math logical reasoning & word problems CONCEPTS Number Sense Algebra Geometry Statistics & Data Analysis Fractions Measurement Mental Math Math Grouping

13 Health & Physical Education
Mrs. Roll teaches PE twice a week: Monday and Thursday Panther Pacers run twice a week for 15 minutes of walking/running (Monday and Fridays) See the tennis shoes! Yoga /Relaxation techniques Emphasize good health and good sportsmanship

14 Science and the Science Bowl
The Scientific Method Classification of Living Things Plants and their Adaptation/ Plant Process Single cells to Body Systems *Weather/Earth’s Air and Water Matter and Molecules Atoms and Elements

15 Social Studies Patriotic Symbols Native Americans Age of Exploration
Colonial Era Revolution Era US Constitution brief overview ’s brief overview US geography (states and capitals)

16 PUSD Grading Policy “4” means performs above CA State Education Standards “3” means meeting CA State Education Standards “2” means inconsistently meets CA State Education Standards. Warning notice is sent to parent. May need to participate in intervention program. “1” means performing below CA State Education Standards. Warning notice is sent to parent. In danger of retention. Mandatory intervention program. There are 3 grades earned: Achievement, Effort and Work & Study Habits Achievement grades measures your child’s progress against the CA State Education Standard Effort grades measures your child’s productivity during academic subjects Work & Study Habits measures your child’s capability to be an independent learner

17 Parent Volunteers Small group facilitators (math, reading, writing)
Computer work (Pacers, etc…) Grading papers Computer lab – assist teacher in helping kids Collecting materials for arts & craft projects Presenting an art lesson/science lesson/PE activity Classroom parties Special events Field trip driver/chaperone

18 Best way to reach me is by email & please bookmark our class web site
$20 for Panther HW Agenda and Write Source grammar workbook Human Society Character Counts program Best way to reach me is by & please bookmark our class web site Please turn in volunteer sheet and student questionnaire over the next week Please leave your child’s work and your letter for him/her on the desk…. for scrapbook

19 Let’s work as a team and have a great school year!
Thank you for being here tonight!

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